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[REVIEW] Heorshe Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle

Introducing to you Heorshe (Ultra Wide Nick Baby Bottle)
Hello mommies and daddies! Being a first time mother with a first child can be really challenging, especially when it comes to picking the right bottles for them. Surprised by the variety of bottles in the market, i think i can say that most of us wouldnt want to encourage nipple confusion to our baby right? I still believe that direct latching would be the best if youre breastfeeding, but of course when i need to work and be out without my baby, i would only want the second option to be the closest to whats natural. And after throughly doing intensive reading online, i found Heorshe to be one of the bottle that i would recommend! Here’s why:

Introducing Heorshe

Comes in two colours, but i got myself the one in pink!
Check it out guys, it even comes with a manual #fancy
Every box of Heorshe is sealed to ensure that its new and fresh for the baby
Heorshe came about by being inspired by unborn babies, be it ‘he’ or ‘she’. Founded by parents themselves, the concept of Heorshe is to protect babies from anything that might bring harm. In comparison to conventional bottles that we usually see in stores, they most likely have a higher chance of offering bacteria moist and warm environemnts making it a prime breeding ground for the silent killer. YIKES! What is Heorshe's solution? Physical antibacterial polymer. With experts researching on combining the best information to develop this physical antibacterial polymer technology. Its not too popular in Malaysia yet, but i believe that the word would spread quick once they find out about Heorshe. Trust me, its THE bottle that you'll ever need!


Just look at the details of the polymer body
Just to enlighten you with what is so unique about this polymer material, it actually has the ability to prevent the spread of bacteria through the bottle by affecting the bacterial inhibiting adhesion and reproduction of bacteria on the bottles surfaces. With this deveopment, this antibacterial polymer is definitely a breakthough in the manufactured antibacterial plastic industry! (Also, now being used in the medical field as well.) Since this material is being used for Heorshe bottles, they have ensured that its designed to exceed the highest quality standards to ensure safety of babies, and provide a sense of relief to parents.


Introducing Heorshe to my 6 months old baby Mikayla
Now jumping into the overall product review, this would be my first time introducing their bottles to my little baby who is currently 6 months. She's a little fussy when it comes to bottles usually and it may take a while for her to just accept it, but to my surprise, when i introduce the Heorshe for my little one, she was instantly hooked as if she's already familar with it. IMPRESSED! Im really not even kidding about it. Honestly, i would think that because the nipple is ultra-soft and considering that if you look closely at the details, it really does resemble an actual breast.

Offers different types of nipple flow, but i got myself the X flow which is suitable for 6 months +

Closer look at the nipple design and features
In the image above, you would see a close up photo of what the nipple of the bottle looks like. Wont you agree that it looks just like the real thing? If you get your hands on this, it even feels very close to the real deal. Its no wonder that a lot of parents are fond to Heorshe bottles as their bottle nipples has been known to be accepted by most babies. It no wonder that my baby enjoys just nibbling and latching onto the nipple as she enjoys her drink. Not to forget, if you have a colicy baby, Heorshe offers a unique air control system which allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness. What more can you ask for from a bottle? The nipple also has been design to be an X-flow.

Solid but soft body for a more natural feel
Has labels for parents to monitor baby's intake
Moving over to the details of the body, Heorshe claims that their bottles has been designed to be ergonomic. The one that i got for my little baby would be the 240ml bottle, which should be the bigger size that Heorshe has to offer.Since it has this unqiue polymer material, it has a nice grip for babies to hold onto their bottle. My little baby girl has never held so firmly onto a bottle, til she started holding onto Heorshe's bottle. It was too cute not to take a photo of her holding on to it, so here it is! It has a unique curved shape, but despite it looking asymetrical, surprisingly its very comfortable to hold on to, even for me.

When dismentalled, theres really only 4 parts to wash
Heat resistant, making it safe for microwave and dishwasher safe too!
When dismentalling it, i would have to highlight that one of the features that i enjoy about their bottles would be that they are very easy to clean. I am those kind of mothers who dont exactly enjoy washing bottles cause they can be slightly tedious to wash, but since the Heorshe Ultra Wide Neck Bottle is designed with a 67mm ultra wide neck, it actually made my washing expereince so much easier. Moreover, its heat resistant for up to 180 Celcius, BPA Free and its also microwave and Top Rack dishwasher safe too!


Despite this being her first time testing out Heorshe, she just loves it!
As a verdict, i must say that im impressed with what Heorshe has to offer. Before being exposed to Heorshe, i would assume that most bottles had only one purpose, to feed baby when direct latching is not an option. But after understanding the many other features that would add more value to a baby's bottle, this actually creates a wonderful experience for baby and parent. I really wish i found out about Heorshe sooner as this really beats all the other bottles that i see in stores. Since i direct latch my baby, this is one of the bottles that i would recommend to mother who focuses on wanting to continuously breastfeed and avoid nipple confusion as the design is unlikely to confuse the baby.

Since it has a frosted silicone polymer body, it makes it easy for her to hold on to it too! What a BONUS! 
I have introduce this to my baby at 6 months, and for the past 1 month, she simply enjoys the bottle as if she's direct latching (Which is great!). It may not be easy to find in stores, but it can be purchased online. The one that i got would be the 240ml/8oz bottle, and it retails at RM138 which i find that it may be a little on the high side. But trust me, rather than spending half the price on something that your baby would not enjoy + potential bacterial growth, Heorshe would be a safer option for the little one leaving parents like me with less worries. Do checkout their official sites below for more information on Heorshe.


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