Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Cherie Closet Cosmetics from Korea now available in Malaysia

MCC a.k.a My Cherie Closet, has finally launched their first flagship store in One Utama Malaysia! And if you havent heard about MCC before, well, its about time you read up on what they have for you in stores! With directors and celebrity guest present at the launch, theres no doubt that this will be a big hit in Malaysia. Even passerby's were more than curious to find out on what MCC is all about.
Launching ceremony
Ribbons were cut as a symbolic message that MCC has finally launched their first store to the public, and even i couldnt resist to get a little hands on in the store. But before could get ourselves to the store, we had a little demonstration  by a professional make up artist showing off to the audience on how to use the product.

The male model of the day
Purity Repair Cover BB
As you can see, this cosmetic doesnt limit to only women, but is also designed to be suitable for men as well. When a man came up as a model, that really got heads turning, while the make up artist, lightly applies one of their best seller, the Purity Repair Cover BB cream.

Female model of the day
Featuring the compact and lip tint
Another woman came up as the model, and this time, the make up artist was explaining to the audience about the special features of the CC cushion. Unlikely like your usual cushion compacts, this has an airtight lock system to ensure that the liquid in the cc cushion would last longer than it should.

Lip cosmetics by MCC
Shades of the best seller tint
Reia giving a go with their lip gloss
But, overall, the highlight of the day was their No. 1 best seller, lip tint. Upon application, you can tell that its really pigmented. I gave it a few swatches, and its definitely different that the usual liquid tint. This actually had a glossy texture, to keep your lips looking moisted and shiny.

Store interior
Nails, Lips, Face and Cheek displays
Make up, Eyes and Skin care displays
They also had tons of other cosmetic products as well, with a really big variety of choices to choose from. The shop  wasnt as grand, but boy they had a lot of cosmetics to choose from.

Blusher by MCC
Trying out MCC's lipsticks.
Entrance of MCC at 1 Utama
So be sure to drop by 1 Utama Old Wing to checkout MCC yourself. Im personally loving their tints, and i managed to grab some cosmetics back for me to try out. Cant wait to share it out to all of you. Do keep a look out on my instagram on beauty updates at @alizasara ok? Hehe

Till my next post, Sara xx


  1. Good stuff for MCC to launch in Malaysia, im pretty sure they are going to be successful and ladies are very much excited to go play at their 'Candy' store.The layout in the shop is well put and i can see its easy to find your way around. I hope you didnt spend a lot of money there haha

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