Saturday, December 19, 2015

Spicy Challenge X Mamee Cool Tea

The coolest drink in Malaysia!
Guess what? Something cool and exciting just came and I cant wait to share it with you! Ever had those days where you feel the sun burning through your soul and youre just craving for a drink that cools you down from head to toe? Well, GOOD NEWS! Cause I have the answer to that. I present to you Cool Tea by Mamee.

Mandatory shot.
Spicy Chilli vs. Cool Tea.
So apparently, I was invited to take on the challenge to challenge myself to taste the spiciest dish I’ve ever tasted with a few other influencers thanks to Nuffnang. I don’t think anyone predicted what we were we up for, but OMG, the heat was REAL! We started the event with a warm up with a signature chili drink from Chili Rush, which had a tangy spicy taste, and I have to say that it didn’t taste that bad.

Chilli Rush's signature Chilli Drink
Level 10 ; ChickentWings
It was at Chilli Rush in Jaya One, and if you don’t know, its famous for their spicy chicken wing challenge which varies from level 1 to level 10. With high hopes of thinking that we would be challenge with level 5, the attendees were all challenged with level 10 at our first go.  Each round had 5 participants to give it their best shot, provided with a drink from Mamee Cool Tea.

My heart was racing.
My first bite, and my last. 
As the challenge begins, names were being called for the challenge, and basically we were to finish as much chicken wings in less than 60 seconds to qualify to the finals. Also do note that within the 60 seconds, we were not allowed to drink. From my expression, I think you can pretty much tell how spicy it was. I wasn’t expecting it to be burning, but from my first bite, my mouth was already crying.

Anis, couldnt handle the heat! but thanks to Cool Tea, we managed to cool down.
Of course I was crying my heart out cause the spicy was REALLY REALLY spicy. I had Jessy  The KL Chic with me in the challenge, and we were both in tears, while we were hunting for more water. Thank god for Cool Tea, it did washed away the heat from our tongue (but of course, since I don’t tolerate too well with chili, it took me about 3 bottles to really wash the heat away) hehe.

Tears of spicy pain.
Overall, I must say that it’s a really fun challenge to do at home. With so many challenges trending lately, I think its about time you challenge yourself too, no? hehe. Previously I had a fear of challenging myself with chili, but with Cool Tea, it’s a relieve that their existence has a purpose.

From Left: Cool Tea Chrysanthemum, Cool Tea Green Tea and Cool Tea Original
If youre wondering, Cool Tea by Mamee comes in 3 exciting flavours, Original, Green Tea and Chrysanthemum. Personally I love the original the best, but Green Tea and Chrysanthemum gives an exciting different taste to the drink.

Comes in a bottle (380ml) or a can (330ml)
Containing 8 natural herbal extracts, from Mesona Chinesis, Liquorice Root, Lotus Leaf, Honeysuckle Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, Mulberry Leaf, Selfheal and Grosvenor Momordica, which im aware that are particularly well known to release body heat. Also, available in two different sizes based on your preference.

PC: Mamee Cool Tea
So there you have it! Start your spicy challenge and challenge your friends and family! Do try Cool Tea whenever you pass by any 7-Eleven, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Giant, Aeon Big, Econsave, KK Mart, Shall or Mydin, and you'll see what i mean. Be sure to stock up on your Cool Tea for a cooling sensation after every spicy challenge, or it could also just quench your thirst after a long hot day. For more information, you can always visit. OR for more updates.

Sara xx


  1. it sounds really fun to challenge on spicy food! luckily Cool Tea is there for standby :P

  2. it is pretty cool to see mamee comes with this cool tea. thus, it cools off the spiciness

  3. it's funny, some people were crying, what a challenge man

  4. The photo with the caption tears of spicy pain is convincing enough. gonna buy this tea when makan spicy food! ;)

  5. Was a good experience for me. I thought I can handle spicy food but at last kantoi. Lucky got cool tea on standby to neutral the spiciness.

  6. Haha another cool tea post! Did they ask you to eat that spicy Korean noodles instead? See that tea can cool your blazing mouth or not lol.

  7. looks so exciting... I want to go try out with those level 5 spicy chicken at Kyochon and Pelicana... hahaha

  8. Well done Aliza dear, it looked like such fun. At least you gave it a go; I probably would have run the opposite direction if the plate was given to me :P Great challenge :)

  9. hahah..pedas gila! i pun makan 1 and a half je babe :P

  10. Those looks very spicy glad you had a cool tea to cool you off.

  11. Hopefully with this Mamee Cool Tea, I can enjoy more delicious spicy food :)

  12. hahaha, i see some real tears of spiciness in those pictures. :P must have been super fun.

  13. omg...this spicy challenge very scarry to me! if I participate, for sure I will fail all :P I like the cooling tea in blue tin the most! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. Hehehe

    It's weird to see people enjoying their ayam pedas and at the same time menangis

  15. Looks so much fun there! The event was so big so many bloggers went hehe.


  16. I'm very interested in trying the chicken cause you picture it so yummy! HAHA Anyway, cooltea is so cool! :D

  17. and I wonder how I can stand that chicken that night..hahahha