Thursday, December 3, 2015

Estee Lauder's #beautyplayground

Ready to find out what this #beautyplayground is all about? 
The name Estee Lauder is definitely a brand well known worldwide, and they have something exciting to share with you called the #beautyplayground with Kendall Jenner, making every girls dream come true. This happens to be the first concept store in the world, and its available right here in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia! The concept store is a mix of fun, fresh and exciting activities, bringing beauty to a whole new level. Dont get it? Well, read more about it to find out!

Eager to find out whats behind those curtains.
Patricia K as the emcee of the day 
With so many beauty fans getting all excited during the launch, we were all eager to find whats behind those curtains. Some even tried to peep through to see whats in store. We had Patricia K as the emcee of the day to welcome the media to the exciting event. Estee Lauder Directors were also there to unveil the concept store.

Presenting the #beautyplayground by Estee Lauder
Leo Wong showing a demonstration.
Its no surprise that they have selected Malaysia, where the youth is a great influence to the country, as their first location to introduce this concept store. Once it was unveiled, Particia K gave us a tour around the store showing the '6 play areas' that visitors can do while they're there, which will be mentioned below. Also, we had Leo Wong, a makeup artist who came all the way from Hong Kong to show us a demonstration on a Kendall Jenner look with Estee Lauder.

Showing methods on how to achieve a natural stronger shade.
Using the lovely shades from Estee Lauder.
The final look
The Kendall Jenner inspired look. 
With such a lovely make over done by Leo Wong, i think its pretty obvious that Estee Lauder has really put an effort to make their products to be the fresher, funner choice for beauty addicts. With a store surrounded by elements of current 'it' girl and face of Estee Lauder, Kendall Jenner, its no doubt that this #beautyplayground only promises the latest of the season.

What can you do at the #beautyplayground?

The Glow On Station
There are a total of six play areas where it takes you through a transformational journey for women from all ages. The first stop here would be the 'Glow on' station. For a better glow on your skin, they have well trained beauty specialist to assist you to achieve greater skin which leads us to our next destination, the 'Glam Up' station.

The Glam up Station.
The 'Glam Up' station is personally my favourite station, cause a girl can go wild with endless possibilities using colors to create looks that are uniquely them. If you happen to be here at this station, be sure to tryout their latest Pure Envy Liquid Lip Potion which is a must to every beauty fan!

Why not Get Polished while youre there.
Next would be the 'Get Polished' station where you can complete your look by checking out nail art inspirations, while playing with Estee Lauder nail colours to match your lips. As much as it looks like  JUST nail polish, i was really surprised to find this nail polish one of the best quality polish i've ever laid my nails on. Gotta try this, if youre a nail beauty geek. hehe

Mix and Mingle Station.
With 3 down, 3 more to go, how can i forget to mention the 'Mix and Mingle' section where you can spray yourself some of the latest fragrances and check out the 'gift guide' area for some gifting inspirations! Sniff away on their modern muse fragrances, cause i love the modern muse collection.

Patricia K showing off the Strike a Pose Station.
My selfie attempts.
Once youre all dolled up, you can actually take a selfie at the 'Strike a Pose' Station. Its actually a digital wall where you can choose your background and show off your new look. From a party look, to a casual outgoing look, my personal favourite would be the new york street which had a photo of Kendall Jenner on one of the boards. hehe

You can also chill with Kendall Jenner and find out her fave products.
And last but not least, would bet the 'Chill with Kendall Jenner' station which you can check out her latest looks which are provided on Ipads and find out what her favourite products are online. I was also told that they will be having themed makeup demonstrations every weekend lef by the 'Dream Team' to further inspire beauty addicts.

I know i had a memorable
So there you have it! Im glad that Estee Lauder has decided to come up with something so exciting for us to play with. hehe. And if you cant make it to their first concept store, you can also check them out online by visiting From exciting daily promotions and exclusive stories on Kendall Jenner available online, beauty has never been easier! Be sure to visit and play at the Estee Lauder #beautyplayground and visit

Sara xx


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