Monday, December 21, 2015

Nose Bridge Enhancement ; Sliq Clinic's Bloggers Gathering

Sliq Clinic, located in Oasis Village.
Sliq Clinic, was a new discovery to me. I admit that I usually go for beauty centres instead of clinics to get a facial done when my skin can be really angry! With high hopes on thinking that going for facials would solve my skin issues, I do always wonder why I still have uneven skin after all those facials. Sobs. I’ve never thought of going for clinic cause it sounds very clinical and serious. But today, I know that aesthetic clinics would be my first choice before going for beauty centres when I need to get a skin analysis. Read on to know why!

Entrance of Sliq Clinic
Blogger's taking a photo with Dr. Steve.
Sliq Clinic recently had a really cozy bloggers gathering where we had a small intimate session to discuss on the difference between beauty centres and aesthetic clinics. First up, let me just justify that aesthetic clinics does not mean that they do plastic surgery, but they are actually skin specialist. From getting a V jawline, a nose bridge and even a facial, they can get it done for you, provided with the latest equipment the industry can offer!

Caroline, volunteer No 1
Carina, volunteer No 2
So in todays topic, we had 2 lovely blogger volunteers who would want to get a nose bridge to achieve a more defined nose. And I’ll be honest that this happens to be my first time witnessing a nose filler treatment. 

Dr Steve explaining the importance of knowing the difference between aesthetic clinics, and beauty centres.
Before the procedure, Dr Steve Chia, who runs the clinic was nice enough to explain to us on how the procedure is to be done. He also mentioned that Nose Bridge Enhancement can be done really fast, or even over lunch. First, he applied a white numbing cream to the nose line, before proceeding to the operation room.


Operation room. Cozy aint it?
Wiping the numbing cream off.
All equipments used are very well sterilised and before starting the operation, Dr Steve clearly explained about the procedure. I think thats really important, cause as patients, we need to know what to expect after the operation right? You are also allowed to ask any other questions which could be bothering you, and he would be glad to give you answers.

A blanket is given to get you comfortable.
Making sure the skin is clean from germs.
The operation started with Dr Steve making sure that the skin is clean, and he slowly injected fillers in the nose line. Nose fillers were not filled fully, but were filled in two separate injections. Which i think would be to control the amount of fillers to inject. Once fillers are filled with just the right amount, he then shapes the fillers to suit to your features, leaving it looking natural. And thats about it! Nothing more than 30 minutes.

Injecting fillers
Reshaping the nose fillers
Stress balls to bare the pain.

Aesthetic Clinics should be your main choice when you have serious skin issues because, they assure you that their medical doctors are qualified and experienced, products are approved by Ministry of Health, equipment’s are medical grade, they make sure the environment is clean and safe, your treatment is confidential with doctors, and procedures are usually proven to be safe.

PC: Sliq Clinic
PC: Sliq Clinic
Sliq Clinic claims to be your neighbourhood lifestyle clinic, located in Oasis Ara Damansara, offering only the best medically proven treatments to fulfil aesthetic needs. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a laser phototheraphy, hair treatment, acne and acne scar treatment or B.T.A and Filler treatment, why not check out Sliq Clinic for a comfortable experience where consultants and doctors are always ready to achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Dr. Steve's certificate in training.
Sliq clinic
First Floor Unit 19, Oasis village,
Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Oasis Damansara,
47391, Petaling Jaya.


Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday ( 10am to 7pm) 

For more information on Sliq Clinic, you can visit their official website, or their official facebook page, I'll be trying out their facials next week, since my skin condition is a mess. Will be writing a review about it, so please do stay tuned ;) 


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