Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bazaar: Markets 17 Christmas Bazaar

Market's 5th Anniversary
If you made it to the 17th Markets in Jaya One, im sure you brought tons of goodies back at some pretty steal prices. But if you missed out on the event, here's a recap on what was there! And not to worry, cause all these stores present are also available online. With tons novelties,  beauty products, food and fashionable pieces, this is the ideal bazaar that everyone would usually rave about.

Registration & directory
The tradition on registration still goes on, where when visitors drop by and register, they will instantly get a goodie bag (*limited)! And i love that the bazaar ended the year with one of the biggest bazaar's that i've ever been to with pretty good vendors up and ready for the christmas season and new year. Major love!

Have you done it? 
Thats me picking out my items to sell to a buyer. WOHOO!
And in the 17th Markets, they have something new which went on during the weekend called the "have you done it?". What is it? I managed to give myself a go with the game, and i have to admit that it was interesting! Basically its a game for 2 individuals, where 1 will be randomly selected as a seller to sell the chosen products given, and the other has to pump air into a balloon to win the 'cash' and basically be the buyer. Both participants will then be directed to the box to start a conversation where the seller has to sell the highest price and the buyer has to buy it at the lowest price. I do hope they have this again in the next Markets! So fingers crossed to that.

Markets Makan-Makan

Free samples with specific times.
How can you say no to free samples?
One of the highlights of the day would be the free samples by the food vendors, which will be given out at specific times. And since its Malaysia, who would ever say no to free food?! A great way to meet the chefs themselves and go all master chef to determine which food vendor was the best. HAHA. But if you ask me, these food vendors were well handpicked by markets that each of the booth had different things to offer, thus the food was practically incomparable.

Christmas desserts
More desserts by Wie's little kitchen
Big Bang Bao was a hit
With their signature fried ice cream in the making
From light meals, heavy meals, to desserts, your tastebuds will be guaranteed with satisfaction after browsing through the food section. Most of the crowd were fascinated to find new ways to enjoy the classic desserts and meals. They even had fresh fried ice cream, and it even got me drooling!

T Juice Cold Pressed
S Juicer Cafe 
The golden gracie was delicious! 
But as for me, i decided to go for a healthier option with Jessy the KL Chic. T Juice cold pressed and S Juicer Cafe would be the highlight from my visit. The T Juice Cold Pressed comes in a glass bottle with freshly squeezed fruits, a refreshing way to quench your thirst from the bazaar. S Juicer Cafe caught my attention when they introduced to me their Golden Gracie which contains healthy  traditional ingredients, and it comes it small bite sizes! Yum. If you missed your chance on trying this yummy healthy dessert, keep your fingers crossed for the next bazaar ;)

Featuring spa products from Smeeka
You can even get your nails done while youre there, featuring products from Smeeka! I managed to bring back home some products which i cant wait to give them a write up for their mani bombs and scrub. Hehe. Their Mani bombs are pretty high in demand according to the owner, so be sure to not be left out on this.

Bazaar Fashion Beauty Street

Presenting I Cant Sew's booth
Fourjei with their full on leather products.
Other products by Fourjei
Leihusky had some interesting collections too.
Omorose making an appearance before they open in 1 Utama, Tangs.
Can you believe these are soap by Wunderbath
Clearance by Noteworthie
Dirty Benefits featuring a christmas edition scrub.
Potheads, presenting really cute catus in a designers pot.
Denley with their handmade soaps on promotion.
Visitors would be spoilt with choices without a doubt. I knew i was clueless on what to buy, cause there was just too many things too look at. From my favourite stores to new beauty products at the markets bazaar, i took the time to browse through every booth while i still could. Shopaholic problems. haha.

Peep Boutique, with the trendies outfits
A gorgeous dress at Peep Boutique
Temporary Tattoo's anyone?
Peep boutique had really nice pieces and temporary tattoo. The pieces from Peep boutique were my kind of style, and i cant wait to show off my ootd from Peep Boutique. hehe. If youre into tribal, bohemian pieces, be sure to also check out their online store.

Cubecrate is a newcomer to the bazaar.
Featuring random mysterious items in a box.
And for every purchase from the booth, you get a free flower from Happy Bunch
I've been eyeing on CubeCrate for a while now, and i was so excited to find out that they were there at the bazaar too! Finally got a better understanding on how it works. I also think that its super cute that they had a christmassy packaging. To get a box of mysterious items, all you need to do is pay RM25 for a box, and its all yours. I'll be reviewing my box that i've gotten, so do stay tuned for that ;)

Awesome Powsome with some treats.
Anything for your furry friend?
And not to forget the cute poodle present too. hehe
Markets Bazaar has constantly surprised me in so many ways, and guess what?! They had something for your furry friends as well, presenting Awesome Pawsome. And present at the booth, was their poodle ambassador. They had tons of varieties to spoilt your pet, and the ingredients used to make these treats are by only the best quality.

Honda Car Boots Booth

Boots Sale
Josh Lee Fragrance's Boot
Claire Organics 
Claire's Organics christmassy boot!
Verdez Olivia
A minimalist decoration by Verdez Olivia
Presenting Doc Lab
Doc Lab's Boot
There were also Car Boot Booths up and it was so exciting that they were running a competition where you could with a goodie bag from Jaya One when you share your favourite car boot booth on instagram. Too bad i missed out on this, but since we're sharing opinions now, i personally love Josh Lee's and Claire's boot. Why? Because these boots really made it felt like it was chrsitmas!

Shopee's booth!
Free Cotton Candy anyone? 
We also had Shopee supporting the bazaar, and they were giving out free cotton candy! YUMS! If you didnt notice, some of the booths had a shopee board, where you will get a 20% off when you purchase anything through the app. hehe.

Overall, i would say that this may be one of the best bazaars which has continuously improved each time they have their bazaars. Be sure to follow Market's Facebook page to keep yourself updated with the next bazaar coming up in 2016. Cant wait till the next bazaar, but as for now, if you want to know more about my purchases, be sure to keep up with my blog for product reviews and more! Thanks for taking your time to scroll through my humble blog.

With love,
 Sara xx


  1. Hi Sara!

    Thank you so much for stopping by our booth during Markets! I hope you like all the items you got and do do do share your #peepboutique OOTD! :)
    I'll be looking forward to it. :)

    Thank you so much & have a lovely week!
    Wei Ni.

  2. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for liking our Christmas Boot!

    Josh Lee

  3. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for liking our Christmas Boot!

    Josh Lee