Wednesday, December 23, 2015

King's Potong feat. Teh Tarik flavour

The secret is out!
The secret is out! If youre a true Malaysian, you would definitely find King’s potong a familiar nostalgic treat which usually never fails to keep us cool on a hot sunny day. The ‘potong’ ice cream today has something exciting coming, to satisfy your nostalgic classic cravings, so be sure to read more about it.

Kings Potong featuring Teh Tarik
King’s decided to preserve the Malaysian food culture and at the same time ensure that Malaysians get to enjoy their favourite dessert in the form of ice cream potong. Previously, they had flavours like Red Bean, Back Glutinous Rice, Durian, Cempedak and Yam, which are usually homemade flavor with real coconut milk.  And now, they are proud to present to you the King’s Potong Teh Tarik!

Perfect for a hot sunny day.
Malaysia would be incomplete without the good old Teh Tarik. And personally, I found this exciting since they decided to collaborate with F&N by adding in F&N's Sweetened Creamer. YUM! This particular Potong featuring the Teh Tarik variant features F&N’s original recipe, which includes 2.5g of tea dust and two tablespoons of F&N Sweetened Creamer to maintain the authentic taste of a cup of The Tarik.

And now, thanks to King’s, they have made it possible to enjoy Teh Tarik in a different way. We would usually have a phase saying “Jom minum The Tarik” but now, it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime at your convenience!

Icy goodness!
The Kings Potong is available in a multipack (6x60ml) which retails at RM6.95 per pack, while the loose sticks (60ml) retails at RM1.30 per piece (inclusive of 6% GST). The King’s Potong comes in various flavours and are available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, and even your nearest grocery outlets!

Be sure to not miss out on the fun and enjoy your King’s Teh Tarik potong today! For more information, be sure to visit their Official Website at for more details.

Sara xx

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