Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what was i thinking?

about my hair, yes, i went to the saloon to trim my hair sikit just before raya. i had no intentions to cut my nice sexy fringe XD but somehow, i just went with what the hairstylist said;

hs: you should have a new fresh look. lets cut you FRINGE!
me:errr, my face looks round (fat) when my fringe is short.
hs:oh no, you'll look fine when im done with you, ok?
me:are you sure? i already like how my hair looks like right now
hs:its a trend now, have you ever tried cutting your hair with the china doll fringe?
me:dont think so?
hs:yes, are you ok with it?
:err, umm, okay.

the before look

the after look

now, before all of you say anything, im NOT lala. got it? thank you. regreting cutting my hair. im now know as the malaysian lady gaga. haha. within my family je la :)

waiting for my frige to grow D:

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