Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September babies

2nd of September
Happy belated birthday nukman :)

6th of September,
Happy belated birthday to Chi Cheng, Lisa Lucas and Andrea Shivani

Chi Cheng, happy birthday! i've known you since last year. the girl who was always highest in class. i still remember the times where we skipped chemistry cause you wanted to see the performance for IR night. then you and yik loong? were laughing non stop. and nicholas started copying what we did :) it was fun. happy birthday Chi Cheng.


Lisa Lucas, so, finally sweet sixteen huh? remember when you and me and faisal? haha. you diva! we've known each other for 4 years now. and i think i know too much about you now. ohh, and remember the swimming pool? the one we went together at your club thinggi? you meanie! bully your little brother. haha. he'll eventually hide behind me whenever you become a witch. i miss those times. then you moved to your private school. the last time i saw you was like last year D: i miss you baby sis. one day, we so have to go hang together :) BFFL


next, Andrea Shivani. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! if im not mistaken, youre 14 huh? haha. enjoy 14 life baby! well i couldnt remember who added who on facebook. but who cares. haha. thanks for being my friend :D

7th of September,
Happy birthday anak amir

Adibah sayang, i miss you. Happy 18th birthday! dah bebas dah. whats your plan now? you've always been like a sister to me. ingat tak we shopping together smpai spend lebih RM700 untuk beg sekolah JE. eh, and that black sweater? hafiz and ijal dah la tak larat dah nk jalan jalan. adoii. rindu lah shopping samaa sama :) ohh, and ingat tak movie yang kiteorang tengok tu? yang pasal politik? penuh dengan orang tua je kot. haha. tak sampai 30 minutes dah keluar. bosan gila k? aiyo. dbah, nnti after SPM, kiteorg shop like M-A-D tau? lets buy the whole shopping complex. XD sayang dbah <3

loads of love,

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