Monday, September 21, 2009

lala's back!

so, she flew back to KL on friday together with her friend, steve. yesterday most family members attended aunty cordy's open house. and it was fun. i was there from 10am till 10pm. most of the cousins went back the same time. steve was super nice, oh and did i mention he works with the bad company? he's a sound engineer and he was on tour with aly and aj just before he met umm lala XD OMG! cousins ate a lot and parents were like persuading us to watch this indonesian movie, cintapertama. old movie. a high school musical version for teenagers 30 years ago. lol. soo, yeah. the movie was dramatic like any other indonesian movie. this guy killed his wife, then he stole his fiancee, macam macam. complicating movie to watch. but it was a must watch movie dulu according to my mum. when she was my age,if you tak pernah watch cinta pertama, you're just considered as an outdated person.

cousins,loving this picture :)

this picture was taken after everyone watched cinta pertama. then we were supposedly to watch another version of cinta pertama but most of us cant take it anymore. the complexity is just too much to handle in one day. so the movie was running, we were too running :D

now, thats lawrence tarang a.k.a sam or sammy.

my sister is obsessed with him. literally. when she was a baby, she would cry whenever sammy was she's not that bad.

simple 1st day of raya.just the way i like it :)

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