Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello, Sailor!

today, nothing much really happened. we had puan rema's physics seminar to attend to. it was tough enough that we had to cover 2 chapters within 5 hours. OhMyGod, im having a major migraine now. my brain cant stop thinking of electronics -.- so yeah, puan rema warned us about the seminar earlier. she was like 'be there or you better run when you see me coming'. haha. but she was okay, every hour she'll give us 5 minutes of break. azhary gila. just because i sat infront of him, he cant stop bugging me. azhary menyusahkan hidup orang untuk study :p haha. talked japanese with azhary before the seminar started. we only knew basic sentences. so, the conversation was agak cacat :) lol

oh, before i went home, took some pictures with ainah and fatin while waiting for my driver to sampai. thanks to our PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER :) gaji naik. haha

, and lovin' it

for once, i was tall :D

were talking about how bad it is for someone to slouch. haha. so we started sitting straight with correct posture.

i have nothing, toddles .

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