Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berita Harian Workshop

.teachers were perverts.
.they talk too much.
.guys were desperate.
.azie buat orang insaf.

that explains everything. on the first day, i was suppose to be there by 8.30am. and guess what? i woke up at 8.30am. not leave. haha. so fatin was like, 'aliza memang, suka grand entrance'. haha. so, overall, the seminar was freakishly lame. during break time, me and tin purposely masuk class lambat. but by 10 minutes or so. it was torture! the teachers were okay, but they were perverts. i have no other words to say how lost i was during the seminar. at that moment, this explosion exploded in my head. haha. OhMyGod, i think my brain just STOPPED functioning. i should have went for the biology thing. i still need help for bio. FAIZ, im waiting :p

SPM is killing me softly,
thank you SPM.

beware, retard crossing....

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