Wednesday, September 30, 2009

au revoir

yes, i know, what does au revoir means? it means goodbye in french. Starting from today, i'm going to try my very best to avoid the internet and social networks, as SPM is in another month. i'm sorry i have to leave, but, yeah. i need to concentrate more on my academics. Trials will be starting tomorrow, i still think i'm not knowledgeable enough, so all the best to me. School was extremely boring today because we weren't having proper classes. thinking that in another 47 days, i will be sitting for my SPM examination, makes me incessant to think about SPM. i cant imagine how life would be after SPM. you wont be seeing familiar faces anymore, you wont be wearing your school uniforms anymore, no more canteen food, earning your own pocket money. Its going to be different, but i'll make the best of it. mainly cause you'll be by my side (:

, adiĆ³s amigos

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