Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things in Life

from men point of view,

housework is a snap since i realized "hey, im a guy!"
*dont you even think about it.

good morning world *lame moment* haha.
well, wasnt doing much. i woke up for sahur then nazrain called.
chatted about some stuff and other funny stuffs.
i dont feel like taking a shower now, i stink.
and if you smell something stinky, thats you. :)
today im going to study additional mathematics. wish me luck

ohh, was browsing other peoples blog, and guess what?
its Ekin Aziz's Birthday.
You're finally sixteen. happy birthday girl.
may allah bless you and again happy birthday!
the hottie who came for samads carnival :)
even though we dont know each other that well,
we know each other kan? you got my back, i got yours.
haha. have a BLAST on your birthday.

loads of love, alizasara

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