Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Be the first few to see Alfio Raldo yet-to-launch Raya Collection! [SNEAK PEAK]

Raya isn't that far away and guess what?! I managed to meet the Director of Alfio Raldo, Jordan Ling where he was revealing the unrevealing Raya collection handbags! Like, i know i know, i could be one of the most privilege person right now (or maybe not, kidding). Anyways, I'm writing right now to show you whats hot in the latest collection of Alfio Raldo. But if you haven't heard of Alfio Raldo, let me just briefly tell you where they came from.

Director of Alfio Raldo, posing with the latest collection of handbags.
The store located at The Weld, Kuala Lumpur.
Alfio Raldo is the brand for fashion enthusiasts, never failing to be up to date and it meets the latest fashion tastes. Alfio Raldo has increasingly captured the heart of fashion lovers since its first day it launched. What made Alfio Raldo a cut into the fashion industry? Well, here is the thing, the unique thing about Alfio Raldo's designs are that they are a combination of class and elegance, not to mention that they are versatile too!

Their tag which is attached on their bags.
Me with the latest collection.
And here i officially revile their latest collection of Alfio Raldo which are vibrant and elegant with attractive choice of colours to suit for any occasions! The CEO of Alfio Raldo, Mr. Jordan Ling mentioned that 2015 is the year of scintillation fashion with cheerful colours, and they are still keeping their promise to never disappoint with the quality and flavour blends. Below are some photos of the latest Raya Collection of handbags.

In the latest collection, the highlights of the colours used would be green, red, yellow and blue, which I'm pretty sure you have noticed. My personal favourite would be the cross hatched bag which was really nice and i absolutely love it! Psst, remember, these are not out yet, so be prepared for their official launch for the Raya Collection. Which one is your favourite?

Jordan Ling with Alfio Raldo's sunglass specialist.
The Variety of watches at Alfio Raldo.
Syafiera, blogger, trying out the watch.
Also, now Alfio Raldo has coupled with some exclusive sunglasses and watches. Suitable for all ages and versatile too! As i have set my eyes on the latest collection myself, they still look very elegant and classy to be worn yet very humble. We also had a short Q & A session at the event, where Johson Lim mentioned that any goods that are not produced to quality standards, will be refined so that it meets the quality required by Alfio Raldo. So fret not, as quality will definitely be assured when you shop at Alfio Raldo.

One my favourite's! So versatile and classy.
And another one of my faves, love the pastel colour!
Thank you Jordan Ling for the token of appreciation.
Alfio Raldo has evolved to selling their products and collections to be sold at Parkson Grnad, Isetan and Metrojaya which is an achievement! Congratulations Alfio Raldo for reaching this far. Also i would like to thank Jordan Ling for having me at the event to share the latest  collection with other bloggers as well.

"Stylish and suitable to wear for all daily activity and a must to impress 
with the luxurious and charming style." 

Quote Jordon Ling, Director of Alfio Raldo.

For more information on Alfio Raldo, head over to their Official Page or Facebook. Thank you for reading and this is Aliza Sara signing off. Till then, xx.


  1. Love your post babe! Have yet to upload mine!! Still editing the photos. Lol! Hope to see you again dear


  2. I spotted some pretty bags!