Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cerro Qreen Fashion Makeup Brush Set (Natural Animal Wool) - Black in 10 Pieces [REVIEW]

If you've been looking for affordable make up brushes! Well, here's what i have for you, introducing to you Cerro Qreen, from Natta Cosme. And of course, before talking about the brushes, you might also need to know where i got my make up brushes from. Am i right? Of course i am! :)

So, heres where i got my brushes from. Its from a site called Natta Cosme where they provide numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people, or at least, thats what it says on their site. The products would have a variety of skin care, body wash and of course, make up sets! 

When i received my parcel, it was all wrapped in a box by Natta Cosme to ensure that your products are well kept to prevent from damage during postage. And i also love how efficient their courier service is cause i didn't need to wait that long to receive it right in front of my door step. Below would be a photo of the box and a photo when i first opened the box. 

Not that its efficient, but the collection that they have is pretty irresistible i must say. You can get beauty products from a variety of countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, America and etc. Which is good as its pretty hard for us to get good quality beauty products here in Malaysia. Boohoo. 

So, here's what i got, a Cerro Qreen Fashion Makeup Brush Set (Natural Animal Wool) - Black in 10 Pieces. I love the fact that it comes in a soft PU leather pouch so that all my brushes are kept organised and not everywhere on my dressing table. And also, its convenient when I'm bringing it out to my wanderlust trips as everything i need would all be in this pouch, ready-to-go. 

Whats in this 10 piece Make Up Brush set? Let me spill it out for you:

1. Powder Brush (Goats Hair)
2. Blush Shadow Brush (Goats Hair)
3. Foundation Brush (Fiber) 
4. Fan Brush (Goats Hair)
5. Large eye Shadow Brush (Pony Hair)
6. Small Eye Shadow Brush (Pony Hair)
7. Eyebrow Brush (Fiber)
8. Eyeliner Brush (Fiber)
9. Eyelash Brush (Nylon)
10. Lip Brush (Fiber) 
11. A cosmetic Bag. 

Also, for today, i wanted to try a natural look cause i didn't want to look too glamorous on a weekend. lol. And yes, its a lazy weekend ahead for me. Here's a clearer photo what the brushes look like, aren't they awesome.  So, for my natural look, i've decided to tryout the powder brush, the blusher shadow brush, the lip brush and the small eyeshadow brush.

First off, lets start with the Powder brush I love the length of the brush and the handle is easy to hold on to. The brush is made out of goats hair and its really good at picking the right amount of powder on the brush. You can refer to the photo below of how good it grabs hold of the powder which isn't to dense. This helps apply sufficient amount of powder on your face instead of looking like you have a thick layer of powder on your face.

Next would be, the blusher shadow. I love the texture of it, similar to the powder brush, it has a good flat surface so that when you apply your blusher or if your doing contouring, it would be easy to make sure that the application is smooth on the surface of your skin.

And last but not least, the lip brush and the small eyeshadow brush. I love how the lip brush comes with a cover so that it doesn't ruin the bag when you keep it back in. And also the fact that the cover acts as a handle for easy application too. Same goes to the small eyeshadow brush, made by pony hair, which collects enough eyeshadow to colour your eyelids. If you're wondering what shade i was using, it was gold. Not that noticeable in photos but it shines in sunlight. Teehee

Well, in an overall view, i love the whole collection of Cerro Qreen as quality is assured and proven too *wink. So if you're looking for affordable make up brushes in a set, do not forget to check out Natta Cosme to get these amazing brushes with additional discounts. The original price for "Cerro Qreen Fashion Makeup Brush Set (Natural Animal Wool) - Black in 10 Pieces" would be RM75.90 but currently on sale on the website for RM60.72! That is crazy! which means its less than RM10 per brush.

For more information, do not hesitate to check out Natta Cosme, where i got my brushes from, by clicking here OR their Facebook by clicking here. They have tons of reasonable priced beauty products with tons of variety to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Do check out Natta Cosme now before your favourites are marked as SOLD OUT.

Do not hesitate to ask me any question on the product by clicking the comment button below. Hope you found this helpful. Signing out.

Much love,
Aliza Sara xx


  1. Haha I have the exact brush set. Got it last time from natta cosme too! Love their powder brush! Use it the most out of all my brushes


  2. What a beautiful set of brushes. I love the little carry case they come in.
    makeup brush set