Friday, April 3, 2015

Zalora X FiziWoo : Raya and the City

Photo Credits: Zalora
Photo Credits: Zalora
 Yep. You're the first to see the latest collection by Woo/Fiziwoo. So who's ready to look gorgeous for Raya? Or if you're not celebrating Raya, the pieces are still oh so perfecto! Just the right designer to get you all ready to make them heads turn. So here's the deal of the day, Woo/Fiziwoo has collaborated with Zalora to be taking up orders so that it'll be ready before Raya so that there will be no frowns of getting your Raya outfit late. And of course, if you're wondering what the collection for Raya by Fiziwoo is like, i've picked out some of my ultimate fave's designed by the designer.

Photo Credits: Zalora and Fiziwoo
Photo Credits: Zalora and Fiziwoo
Like come on, tell me that it didn't make your jaw drop. The first time i laid my eyes on them designs it was literally like love at first sight. An automatic I.NEED.TO.GET.ONE kind of moment. Are you feeling me? lol. Sorry for exaggerating there, but these are pretty stunning pieces. Price range starts from RM402.80 to RM508.80. Which is pretty fair for a designers piece.

But if its too expensive, here's what i've got. If its your first time shopping at Zalora, here's a discount voucher of 15% off on your first purchase. Yep, with 15% off you can get a rebate of at least RM40 off, just like that. How? Here's the discount code that you need to type in just before you order your purchase.

So, all you need to do is type in ZBAPBLO right after you check out your cart and just before you proceed to order your purchase. Its that simple. But if you're unsure of your purchase, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and i will definitely try my best to reply to your questions ASAP.

Get it before its too late, as they are only taking pre-orders till 15th April 2015. Yikes, thats like 12 days away! Don't tell me that i didn't warn you *wink

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Photo Credits: Zalora
Happy shopping and all the best on preparing for Raya! 

Lotssa love,
Aliza Sara xx