Friday, April 24, 2015

La Biosthetique Paris Press Launch

I was honoured to be a part of the La Biosthetique Paris Press Launch, so thank you  La Biosthetique Paris and team for having me to the very informative launch on  La Biosthetique Paris. So what is La Biosthetique Paris? La Biosthetique comes from Paris, and from what was witnessed at the launch was that the brand has one of the most detailed hair-care products out there in the market.

Some snacks to much on which was very thoughtful
The origins of the brand is that it began as a laboratory that took pride in fixing hair problems by only using natural curated products which sums back to traditional beliefs of getting herbs to work its magic. It started within the Black Forest in Germany, surrounded by nature of course, in the year 1947.

We had Alexander as the La Biosthetique representative. 
And if you don't get what i meant about detailed hair-care products, well, they have actually took a consideration into including products for babies, called "Babybios" scented with Lavender and Chamomile which resolves the issue of cradle cap by helping weak keratin structure and ineffective gland activities. Back int he 1950's, it used to be an issue which thanks to La Biosthetique Paris, helped a lot o kids out there which resulted to became a developing product that has an ideal to describe beauty.

Do you even see what i mean? Thats not even all! There have more than you can imagine to specialised to your hair care needs, which i think they have really put some thought into getting the right treatment that your hair needs. La Biosthetique Paris has personalised every experience for every customers from the environment to the whole treatment process which does not require to be attached to the brand as Alexander has mentioned if you have used it for too long, it might not have any effect after a while.

A demonstration on the results before and after was done by using La Biosthetique.
Scalp check demonstration.
Alexander has mentioned that scalp care is top priority at  La Biosthetique, and of course with top priority there is actually a special scalp test kit that helps hair care professionals to determine whatever issues the customer has before recommending a specific range. At at the end of the scalp test kit, it also instantly diagnose the pH balance, dandruff and sebum levels on the hair.  Did you know that from a ge 25 onwards, your hair quality will slowly start losing its natural elasticity? 

Demonstrating, with every biostetique treatment, you'll receive a relaxing aroma head massage
I think as a customer myself, it is a question why we can't find these brands available at pharmacies? Well, the reason to that is because they prefer having hair care specialist to go through your hair and determine which hair-care product suits you best. Definitely not mass produced to be bought by everyone because its specialised to serve the suited needs of each customer. Also not to forget the special treatment of a head massage with every La Bisothetique treatment which will be given to you before the treatment start to relax your mood, and roots.

A hair up-do demonstration was also given by Director of Vogue Nationale, Todd Arndt.
So i think it can be said that La Biosthetique is specially catered to those who want to solve issues with their hair. With such a wide range in their collection, it can be said that its does its job into fixing your issues from hair fall, to dandruff to even the quality of every strand on your hair.

Their special organic tea to relax you before every treatment.
The wide range of La Biosthetique.
If you would like to know more about La Biosthetique, do head over their Official Facebook Page and Official Website. And you'll know what i mean when i say specialised. In Malaysia, their products are only available in certain salons, which i have listed below.

I'll be getting my scalp treatment done soon and i can't wait to tell you all about it !

Sara xx


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