Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Citra Mulia Skincare: The Face Gel Serum, Dr Herbal Cream and Milano Ashley Lotion [REVIEW]

Products from Citra Mulia
Well here's a new discovery! I've been looking for a skin care regime to get a healthier glowing skin as my skin, especially my face has been breaking out really bad. yikes! And guess who came and save the day? Citra Mulia Kosmetik presented their products and i was so eager to try them out, knowing that my current skin needs major fix.

Supreme Whitening Gel Serum for Day/Night
In this post i will explain about the 3 main products from Citra Mulia that i've been using recently, which would be The Face Gel Serum. Dr Herbal Cream and also the Milano Ashley Lotion. First off, lets talk about the face gel serum. The Face Gel Serum actually whitens your skins and also acts as an anti-aging moisturiser. Talk about 2 in 1 benefits! I've personally been using it for a month now, and i realise that my skin has became smoother than before, so it also even out your skin surface too! Also, if you can look closely into the photo, the gel within the case has a pattern of layered rings which i was so amazed when i first laid my eyes on it. This comes in a pair for RM55.00 which it affordable, with amazing skin enhancer to make your face appear whiter and healthier. *This is my ultimate fave!

Whats available in a box of Dr Herbal.
Next would be the Dr Herbal AB Cream, The Herbal AB Cream, as obvious as it is, a herbal cream with no acid nor artificial content within the mixture of the cream. It comes in a day and night set as well. Similar to the face gel serum, except that cream A is to be applied during the day and cream B to be applied at night. This cream is actually a whitening cream that aims to whiten the face as well as eliminate wrinkles and spots with organic herbal ingredients. The texture of it is similar to foundation, so you can imagine how thick the cream is, which also means you don't need to use a lot during application. This is more pricy, priced at RM99.90 for a pair as its all organic which would harm your skin, but it works pretty good on me and the smell relaxes me every time i apply it.

Before application, what i would do is, after i wash my face with cleanser, i would pat it dry and first apply the face gel serum cream, followed by the Dr Herbal cream. And lately, it has been working like a charm.

Milano Ashley Hand and Body Lotion
Last but not least would be the Milano Ashley Hand and Body Lotion. The lotion comes in two scents, Green Tea and Rose Tea. The Green Tea is unisex as the smell is decent for men as well, but the Rose Tea smells more feminine. The lotion smells pretty strong and i love it cause you don't have to apply much to get the scent to stay onto your skin. Not that it only smells good, it also moisturises your skin too! Personally i love how the lotion does not leave any residue after application. Per bottle would cost your RM18.50 for 500ml which i find pretty reasonable.

So for more information, do check out my video below on the products. And also, feel free to ask me any questions, as i would be happy to answer your questions for you :)

For more information head on over to Citra Mulia's official website here or their Facebook page, here.

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Aliza Sara xx


  1. Alo alo. Vera here.

    I think you gotta edit this part "RM99.90 for a pair as its all organic which would harm your skin" <<-- terbalik kan aha :P

    I am interested in the Dr Herbal AB Cream, The Herbal AB Cream. Heard of this brand on TV but did not know it's rich serum but organic. Felt that I need the extra boost due to hectic lifestyle, veracious weather - hot cold made my skin down & pale. Not sure if it's suitable on my combo skin type. But would be wonderful to try it out. :)

    Vera Jots Dots
    jotsdots [@] gmail.com

  2. I love to win The Face Gel Serum as my skin so dull and pigmentation tend to appear on my skin. The Face Gel serum can absorb into the skin easily and whiten my skin. It also help to lighten my ageing. I in love with this product once I see the good review by you.

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