Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Hug Burger // U.S Fries & Burgers Fiesta

We all love our burgers with any form of potatoes as the sides, so in conjunction with the U.S Fries & Burger Fiesta which is on-going until the end of May 2016, there will be 19 different burger joint and cafes in the Klang Valley participating in this fiesta. And just to share some sneak peaks on what to expect, I managed to visit one of the participating cafe's to check out what they have to offer!

At a small corner in Subang Square, lies the Big Hug Burger cafe, which is located in SS15. And if youre wondering what their featured burgers are in conjunction with the U.S Fries Burgers Fiesta, its would be their Nasi Lemak Burger and Grilled Buffalo Chicken Burger. With such an interesting combo of ingredients, it definitely caught my attention! Read on to find out more about these 2 burgers.

 Grilled Buffalo Chicken Burger

 The first burger featured would be the Grilled Buffalo Chicken Burgers as their signature burger feature for the U.S Fries and Burgers Fiesta. The highlight of this burger would be its Grilled Buffalo Chicken patty, topped with celery, carrot, lettuce , mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and blue cheese dressing accompanied with it, the U.S Spice Potato slice. If you love juicy burgers, this would be it! At your first bite, you would know that this burger is filled with flavours that compliment each other very well. The potatoes also went really well with the flavour of the burger, to add a slight tinge of spice. *Yums*

Nasi Lemak Burger

And the other featured burger would be the Nasi Lemak Burger! I have to admit that the name of it was rather interesting since it has like an asian fusion to a western dish. It has Ayam Berempah topped with a fried egg, crispy anchovies, peanuts and served with a toasted pandan bun, layered wth cucumber slices, cheddar cheese, curry sauce, sambal and santan mayo with U.S Spice Potato Slices. I was surprise that the sambal on the burger was actually tasty! Not too spicy for spice lovers, but to my tastebuds, i'd give this a thumbs up, must try dish!

Both these burgers would not be complete without the sides of potato slices! I have to admit that the way they fried their potatoes are on point. But between the crinkle cut fries and the potato wedges, i prefer the thin cuts better. Hehe. Both had a crispy exterior that would just melt in your mouth. With only the best US Potato's, it would guarantee taste and quality.

So if you're hesitating, dont! Head on over to Big Hug Burger Cafe and taste these amazing burgers for yourself. And don't forget this with your friends, after all, good things are meant to be shared right? For more information, do head on over to their facebook page at ;)

Sara xx


  1. how is the nasi lemak burger taste like?

    1. Hi Karen, surprisingly it tasted good! Theres no nasi lemak in it, but the sambal really adds some omph to the burger.

  2. Replies
    1. You should drop by whenever you have the time to! :D