Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[REVIEW] Funa ; The Free Family Locator App

Presenting to you Funa, The family locator app.
Being the oldest daughter in my family, and being in my twenties, it may take a while for both my parents to re-adjust to my social needs. And since i do cover for events and launches, it can be pretty crazy when it comes to constantly needing to update my mum. And especially, during those times when your schedule is very tight as you need to be in 10 places in one day, being on your phone may not be an option when youre chasing for time.

You can say that im guilty for making my parents worry about my whereabouts, but finally i have discovered a solution to all their worries. Thanks to the innovative family locator app, my parents can now track on my locations without texting or calling, perfect for those who are always on the go. Ever since me and my mom installed the app, we did make full use out of it. Now i dont have to worry about missing calls, and my mom does not need to worry about me so much anymore (since she'll know where i am with the Funa App).

View through your overall history of the places you've been in a day
With the Funa Family Locator, it allows my friends and family to locate me in real time. Its extra convenient when you're meeting up with friends and to make sure that they're on their way safely. In fact, Funa is a location sharing app that is super easy to use, where all you need to do is turn on your GPS and you're good to go! Your locations are fully secured as its only visible to those you approve.

With a click of a button, you can even send out an SOS with Funa
So what are you waiting for? Its totally FREE and you can invite your friends and family to start sharing right away. Its reliable as it provides the best available locations results using GPS / WiFi and Cellular technologies that optimizes battery consumption at the same time. With more features being updated lately, its getting easier and easier to adapt it to my daily lifestyle. Its a relieve to know that my will always know where i am, and that she doesnt bother me when im busy running around.

Get the FUNA the Family Locator app today
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