Friday, May 20, 2016

Watsons treats VIP Members for an Extreme Night Out! (X-Men Apocalypse Screening)

X-Men Apocalypse Screening with WATSONS
As Asia's leading beauty and health retailer, Watsons has decided to treat its VIP members, business partners, celebrity friends, media and the blogging community to a glittering red carpet gala event for the movie screening of X-Men The Apocalypse at GSC Pavilion. (Psst, if youre reading this Watsons, thank you so much for the invitation!)

The Red Carpet Entrance
They really know how to treat their VIP's right?
The special movie screening is held in conjunction with Watsons collaboration with marvels latest offering to a movie night out, giving its VIP members the privilege to be one of the first few in the world to have watched the blockbuster action movie series. You got that right, the lucky VIP members are watching X-Men even before the movie is out!

Mandatory shot // Thanks to a Mr Photographer!
Even some of the Miss Malaysia Finalist were present too!
At the special movie screening, VIP members who attended were given an extra surprise when they were given a chance to win a pair of air flight return ticket to Melbourne and Perth, where a total of 20 lucky VIP members were selected to go through two rounds of challenges before the last two standing were announced as winners. Personally, who really knew that it was that easy to win return flight tickets from Watsons?!

The first round with Q&A
The first round of the challenge was to test their knowledge with questions and answers round relating to Watsons and X-men. The top 6 highest scores advance to the final round where they compete against one another to win a pair of flight tickets to Australia's vibrant cities courtesy from AirAsiaX.

Marvel Merchandises
Final Round Challenge! 
The final round was tested by a quirky challenge, where they had to wear an X-Men merchandise cap and by using the tip of the cap to carry a Watsons brand toothbrush from a Watsons Treat Water bottle and placing the toothbrush into another bowl within the time frame given.

Congratulations to the winners! 
And with those challenges, the top two winners were given a mock air flight ticket at the prize presentation. The top scorer in the final round was given the choice to choose the flight destination between Melbourne or Perth, and the second place receiving the alternate destination.

Magneto Helmet Replica from X-Men
This is one lucky fella! 
If you think the fun ends there, it doesn't! Because guest and members of the media were also treated to another surprise when Caryn and Danny gave away TWO EXCLUSIVE MAGNETO HELMET REPLICA X-MEN  merchandise in a lucky draw which was flown in for the special movie screening all the way from London!

Uber Men was present to sponsor the event with some hairdo's for the event too!
A man glamming up for the red carpet with Uber Men.
Its really no doubt that Watsons has always been smart with their partnerships to create innovative campaigns such as this. And on a side note, to X-Men fans, exclusice gift with purchases including Ubermen earphones and X-men Apocalypse caps are available with purchase on participating brands products until 25th May, so hurry to your nearest Watsons stores today! Also dont forget to visit Watsons Facebook at or Watsons official website at to keep yourself updated with the latest promotions!

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