Friday, May 13, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; April 2016 box

What's in my April CubeCrate box? 
Since its that time of the month again, its time to share my unboxing finds of the April 2016 CubeCrate box. And i love how it feels like its my birthday every month. With this monthly subscription, CubeCrate will not fail to surprise you with more treats! For April, the mystery box just got intersting cause its all about food, and its all about being Malaysian and our relationship with food. As usual, there will be a newsletter attached with their leaflet for the advertises for April so that you know what youre getting.

The Honey Hearts

The Honey Hearts (
First up in my box subscription would be The Honey Hearts tube of honey! I always wondered what this tubes of honey were for, and i found out that its actually for your tea's and coffee. Its more like a healthier option i guess, but after more reasearch on The Honey Hearts, apparently they have their own cafe and retail outlet for premium wild jungle honey products. Pretty cool ey? They are located at Sunwaymas Commercial centre which is not too far from where i stay. Maybe if im nice enough, i'll do an extra write up for y'all on how good the cafe is *wink* 


Nescafe lovers anyone? 
Next in my box would be a Oh So Creamy Nescafe from CAFFA, a cafe that celebrates the wonders and benefits of coffee and art. Do checkout if youre a coffee lover. Im convinced that the community in CAFFA are filled with passionate barista's and budding artist from across Asia as well as to develop, educate and nurture an appreciation for the art of coffee and promote Fair Trade of coffee beans. I also saw that theres an event coming up in august, so coffee lovers, do check them out when you have the time. 

Fraiche Designer Delectables

Eggless Chocolate Cake anyone?
Gooey chocolatey taste!
And since i loveeee cupcakes, i was glad that i got a box of homemade cupcakes by Fraiche Designer Delectables in my CubeCrate box. Did you know that this cupcake happens to be their Eggless Chocolate Cupcake? I never knew that was possible, but now i do! Im assuming that they do cater to needs for vegetarians who cant consume eggs, so keep a lookout on Franche Designer Delectables for your own custom of sweet treats. Found their instagram page, so please do check out on their creations are for inspirations. 

Juicer Cafe

Chilled Orange Juice from Juicer Cafe anyone?
On a hot sunny day, nothing beats a cup of fresh orange juice
This surprised me a little, cause i actually got fresh juice from Juicer Cafe ( in my CubeCrate Box. Thank god it arrived to me fresh, so i got the chance to taste almost the freshes juice delivered to my doorstep. Thanks for the bottle of juice CubeCrate. Its always great to have an extra dose of vitamin C. I love how it also comes in a bottle glass to keep my orange juice chilled. Managed to also do a background check on S juicer Cafe, where its actually a vegetarian and vegan online cafe to suit conscious individuals by raising awarenes of raw foodism. Pretty cool Cafe to keep in mind on days that i feel that i need to keep healthy. 

For Goodness Cakes

Coconut candy treats
Close up shot of these amazing treats from For Goodness Cakes.
And For Goodness Cakes has made a come back in Aprils CubeCrate box. The last time i tasted something from For Goodness Cakes was in the February Valentines edition of the CubeCrate box and im not surprised that this coconut candy treat tasted as good as their cookies. Yummy! Do check them out at ( to fiest for yourself, if what i describe is too good to be true.  They do also take orders, so if theres a special birthday your planning, you can always email for custom cakes. 

Cookie Collection

The Cookie Collection homemade cookies
With slight taste of caramel in every bite.
And last but not least would be the Cookie Collection featuring in April's 2016 CubeCrate box. From the advertisers leaflet, it says that they are well known for their homemade New Zealand recipe cookies. Since i got a chance to try their Pure Butter NZ recipe homemade cookies, i cant deny that these cookies do taste different than the usuals. Im already tempted to order another batch from them, and since Raya is in July, maybe i should order a few batches to suprise my friends with something different than the usual Raya cookies? *giggles* Just in case you want to order yourself a batch too you can contact Wilson at 016-6034881 or via email at

And thats about it for my April 2016 CubeCrate box goods
And there you have it. April was filled with joy for me, and the F&B from CubeCrate made it even better. Nothing feels like getting a sugar rush in April. So many discoveries, and so many cafe's to check out that im wondering if i'll ever find time to drop by when i get the chance to. Well, theres only one way to find out. If you've been to any of these cafe's do share to me a thing or two about their specilities. But if youre more interested to subscribe to CubeCrate after reading my post, you can always head on over to for more details.

Sara xx

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