Friday, July 29, 2016

Raniaku //A music video by SAFI ft. Aizat Amadan, Nora Danish and Remy Ishak

Happiness is naturally present in any individual, and it can be manifested into many emotional forms that can be expressed through words, gestures and action. To celebrate the mutual feeling of two love birds, SAFI Malaysia's no. 1 Halal brand in Malaysia is proud to release a new music video entitled Raniaku, a musical and visual collaboration between renowned homegrown singer Aizat Amdan and music video director En Nan Salleh. Being one of the biggest projects carried out by Safi since the range was introduced to consumers, Safi's team wants to deliver the message of feminine strength, highlighted through their beauty and how through love and affection can give great courage to face the challenges in life.

With Safi Rania Gold, the music video features Nora danish as the lead characted in the music video where she plays the role of Rania, a woman and a wife who has been affected by a serious vision-related disease that affects her life and her role as a wife. Rania's sudden emotional and behavioral changes somehow was noticed by her husband, Azman (played by actor Remy Ishak). When she was urged to come clean, Rania told him about the disease that she is suffering from, and to revive the flame of confidence, Azman tells his wife that his love for her will never fade. He begins to help her with her chores and calms her to prove that he is truely committed in their relationship. Touched by her husbands sincere effort, Rania gathered her strength and undergoes eye surgery. A tale of romance is indeed beautiful to prove to viewers the power of love.

The song was sung by Aizat
Nora Danish signing her Raniaku poster
The video was shot in Bali, Indonesia which was directed by En Nan Salleh, accompanied by Raniaku, a song sung by Aizat and music producer En Anas Amdan. Every word in the lyrics were beautifully woven together to convey a love story of two love birds overcoming challenges together. In conjunction with the launch of Raniaku music video, SAFI introduces a new product under the SAFI Rania Gold marquee that is enriched with DUO GOLD 24K formulation featuring 3 new skincare products, the SAFI Rania Gold youth essesnce, the SAFI Rania Gold Concentrated Serum and the SAFI Ranis Gold Booster and Toner Face Mist.

Presenting the latest range of Safi Rania Gold
SAFI Rania Gold ambassador Nora Danish shares her experience on using the latest innovation from Safi where she shares that the SAFI Rania Gold Golden Youth Essesnce with DUO GOLD 24k formulation softens the skins while keeping her make up intact.

Both the actor and actress in action for the media launch
THE DUO GOLD 24k formulatin combines the efficacies of BIO GOLD 24k and HOLD Flakes 24K with Silk Protein. The formulation does not only help to retain the external structure of the skin but also the internal built of the facial skin so the youthfulness of the skin can be maintained effectively. These SAFI Rania Gold range of products are available nationwide at leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets. For more information on SAFI, please visit SAFE Facebook page,, SAFI Instagram page @safimalaysia and SAFI's Youtube channel at

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