Sunday, July 24, 2016

[REVIEW] BOXGREEN // Healthy Snacks

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Lookie here! Just got my first box from BoxGreen to discover better snacking options because better snacking starts here. All the snacks from BoxGreen are all natural, portion controlled servings and nutrutuonist approved. I think snacking on the wrong kind of snacks are considered a bad habit, but imagine snacking with health benefits for your body? Thats where BoxGreen comes in!


How it Works ?
Each pack of BoxGreen comes in a box
The real question now is, why BoxGreen? BoxGreen has made an effort to ensure that all our snacking ingredients are things we can pronouce and that we are happy to put into our bodies. Snacks from BoxGreen are constanly reviewed by a team of nutrionists so they're not just saying all these things because they sound good. The mechanism of how it works is pretty easy! Refering to the image above, all you need to do is choose how often you would like to receive a box of 12 snacks servings, fill your pantry with the snacks of your choice, and sit back and relax while you wait for your parcel to arrive.

Loving the first impression it gives!
Also all good things usually would come in a box! I admire packaging as a consideration of good quality and value when it comes to branding. So i truely appreciate the little details taken to make sure that subscribers feel special each time they receive a parcel from them. This snack delivery service aims to promote healthier snacking and are ideal for events, corporate gifts, ofice panty and meeting and workshops.


Details taken by BoxGreen
The content of my box
So whats in my box? Well, snacks of course! As you order online, you are allowed to pick up to 12 packs of your favourite snack to be sent over to your house. You will also have an option to choose whether if you want it to be sent weekly, twice a month or monthly, depending on how much you consume on snacks. With over 30 wholesome options, theres no doubt that you'd be spoilt with choices.


Spot the labels
Label descriptions
What makes BoxGreen different is that they have carefully labeled their snacks with easy to read health badges to suit different individuals. SWEET! So attention to health cautious snackers, BoxGreen has made it convinient for you to snack right based on your lifestyle needs. At times like these, i wished that everything i ate was labelled. haha. But its a good start by BoxGreen for taking the consideration of listing everything out. Yay to healthy snacking.

The Ubin Mix // Peanut & Honey Sunflower Seeds
Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites // Peanut, Pretzel, Cashew, Dark Chocolate Nib
Rosemary Pistachios // Pistachio, Rosemary, Salt
Managed to try a few packs and im loving it so far! The portion given in each pack is about 30g per serving and i think its rather satisfying to get a taste of different things without over eating. Plus points for BoxGreen! Each packet has a list of the nutritional facts and an expiry date listed on each pack which pretty much says that they value the quality of these snacks to be eaten before a certain date. 

Have you found your favourite healthy snack yet?
And there you have it guys! I admit that im guilty for snacking on terribly unhealthy snacks like jelly beans, potato chips, and pure evil sweetened chocolate. But im hoping that with BoxGreen, its a new start to eating healthy. Be sure to check out to browse through their snacks or if you would like to know more on how to subscribe to their pakages. One box of BoxGreen is priced ar RM59.90 which includes free shipping. A little pricey, but it saves you from being admited to the hospital. haha. Well thats all for now. Do leave a comment below to share with me about your thoughts on this.

Love, Sara


  1. Very pretty packaging~~nice to get a box to put in office!

  2. People should really get more healthy snacks, if they can't control their appetite of eating regular snacks!

  3. The snacks look yummy! Love they pack it into small packages. very convenient!

  4. i always love this kind of snacks. it will be in my list definitely when i want to purchase in future...

  5. nice packaging !! i like pistachio so much !! nice healthy snack for people who on diet ..

  6. like the packaging and I agree it is good to start snacking healthily...

  7. Ok give me these finish very fast

  8. My children love to eat Pistachio. I should get some for them to try it out.

  9. Wow, look at all the delicious snacks, can't wait to order mine from BoxGreen :)

  10. I would definitely take these snacks! healthy and delicious are always my main concerns.

  11. i guess this is better snack than having potato chips, twisties or other sort of unhealthy stuff. would definitely go for this

  12. Snacking is a great way to fight that hungry feeling (which I feel almost all the time). Thanks for recommending the site

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