Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; June 2016 Box

CubeCrate's June box 2016
Hello there fellow readers. If youre here to find out about CubeCrates June 2016 box, well you have came to the right place. Just in case you havent noticed, i've been writing on CubeCrate's boxes monthly, and up till today, the mystery subscription box has never failed to impress me. So enough chit chat, let's proceed to whats in my box!

The introduction leaflet
Unboxing time!
For June, the box is rather heavy than usual, and i found out why! Recently, CubeCrate boxes are including food and drinks into the mystery box which is definitely a new concept. So in this month's mystery box, my eye spotted a bottle of After Peel which is an energy banana drink which i've never heard of before! But of course, thats not all that in my box. Let's find out what else is there in my box:

Introducing After Peel 
It came with a brochure too!
Tasted really smooth and energising too!
So first up in my box features a special drink which arrived safely in a well bubble wrapped glass bottle. Since it came with a brochure, might as well share it with you guys about what it says. Hehe. Apparently, they claim to prevent oxidation and to aid in digestion and preservation, they cooked the bananas at a100C in a mixture of vinegar and sugar. With different mixtures of different types of bananas to get the the right flavour, smell , sweetness and fibre content, they definitely did a great job in making sure that it does what it should be doing. I loved how it tasted and it was rather refreshing to drink on a hot day. Get your orders by contacting +6019-8800955 to get yourself a bottle.


Got myself a voucher code! 
Some products featured on their site.
The Mini Two Tone Pouch that caught my eye
Next thing i found would be an all things deco voucher which kindda caught my attention. Never heard of allthingsdeco before, but you have to admit that it does sound interesting. So thanks to CubeCrate,  i decided to check their site out, and i was surprised to find out tons of services they provided. Other than custom orders, they also sell ready design on site. The designs are pretty original if you ask me, but i do wished that the the voucher would be worth more than just 10% of rebates as my first purchase. Screenshots above are from the actual site, and i got my eyes on their custom Mini Two-Tone pouch which looks super cute! Check them out by visiting http://allthingsdeco.com.my.


5 in 1 Intense Brightening 
Some details and the sample
MyCare left a cute sample size white formula to try, and im already tempted to get a fullsized bottle for myself after coming back from my Cambodia trip which really gave me burnt tan skin. Haha. Since i already have the full sized toner and lotion from the earlier CubeCrate collection, why wouldnt i want to get myself a set of the white formula skin care from MyCare? Hehe. Check their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mycare.malaysia/ for more options to choose from.


Superfood Granola's from Frainche Designer Delectables anyone?
Lookie here, we also have Fraiche in the scene for the June 2016 CubeCrate Box! Fraiche Designer Delectables surprised me with a pack of yummy superfood granola's! This is a little interesting cause it comes in a pack instead of a bar (since i usually consume granola bars). I decided to get creative with these by eating it with yogurt! It was too yummy that i forgotten to snap a photo of it sadly :( But yes, if you love granola's and also health cocious, be sure to keep in touch with Frainche for some yummy superfoods on the go. For more yummy treats from Fraiche. Check out their instagram if you have the time by heading over here https://www.instagram.com/fraiche_dd/.


For Goodness cakes anyone?
Chocolatey brownie anyone?
If youre a brownie lover, well, looks like this would be the ultimate brownie that you HAVE to try. Its not your usual dry brownie that you see in stores cause its not at all dry! Good enough to be eaten without ice cream, without leaving your mouth feeling dry. Hehe. Since its my birthday month this month, i might just get my orders done from them. So if you're looking for bakers around the Klang Valley neighbourhood, get in contact with them by giving them a call at +603-62116782/4 or drop them an email at goodgoodcakes@gmail.com. Alternatively, visit them at 36G, 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

So there you have it folks! July is my birthday month, and i cant wait for my next CubeCrate box! I love the idea of getting random items each month, and if you do too, why not visit http://cubecrate.com.my for more information on how you could sign up into getting monthly boxes! Well, that all for June's unboxing blog post. Do leave a comment below if youre interested to know more about any product mentioned above, cause i would love to get feedback from you lovely readers!

Sara xx


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