Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[REVIEW] Kainda's Shoe Spray and Dynamic Dishwashing Liquid

Presenting Kainda
Hello there folks, today I'll be talking about products that are inspired by the enchanting rainforest that aims to give your home a one-of-its-kind lifestyle brand filled with purity, quality, and natural alternatives to enrich your home, body and well-being. Presenting Kainda, an Australian owned product that features fabric care, skincare and household care within their collection.

Some facts on Kainda
Kainda aims to take you to a journey to discover the essence of beautiful lifestyle products, to tie your spiritual values with your everyday needs. They have dedicated themselves to research and commitment to the benefits of sustainable ingredients and paraben-free scents, making it a one of kind product. It's also cruelty-free, so they have never tested their products on animal. YAY! FYI, Kainda is a huntress inspired by the modern day woman. A strong leader, vital contributor and gentle protector of both family and society.

Bubbled wrapped parcel!
So to begin with, i would like to thank Kainda for sending over the Kainda Shoe Spray (Nadari) and the Kainda Dynamic Dishwashing liquid (Avena) for review. I was rather excited when I received the parcel perfectly bubble wrapped to make sure that the parcel arrived safely, and it did! So thank you for the extra effort of wrapping it up for me.


The Kainda Dynamic Dishwashing Liquid & The Kainda Shoe Spray
Just some comments on the packaging, being a brand that focuses on being sustainable, they use PET Recyclable and closures to be adapted to into the design of the packaging. I have to emphasize that I do admire that they use sustainable resources and biodegradable packaging which makes it environmentally friendly.


Kainda Shoe Spray
List of ingredients and description
Easy Spray bottle tip
Within their Fabric Care Range, it features shoe spray, garment spray, pillow spray and delicate garment soak. But for today, I'll be talking about their shoe spray which is a one-step shoe deodoriser. which comes in a 150ml spray bottle. The Shoe Spray is anti-bacterial, natural and is CGC free solution for odour removal. It works brilliantly on all colors and fabrics so it's gently enough to not destroy any of your favorite pair of shoes. It's long lasting making sure that your shoes constantly smelling fresh and clean.

Its super easy to use too!
Spray and let it dry, and youre done!
Since the packaging is made out of plastic, so it's really easy to use it. And since I love going for long jogs during the weekends, my favorite pairs of shoe would be smelling like stinky socks by now. Haha. But thankfully, I have the Kainda Shoe Spray in Nadari which features a fruity scent that combines the notes of Pear, Apple, and Mint with a floral heart of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. It has a woody base of Cedarwood, Peach and Patchouli which. You got to get a sniff of this, cause im loving the floral fruity scent.


Kainda Dynamic Dishwashing Liquid
The list of ingredients and description
Comes in an easy pump bottle
They also had a pretty wide selection of Household products too! They had home fresheners, dynamic dishwashing liquid, resilient bathroom cleaner, home sanitizer and surface cleaner in a variety of amazing scents. But I'll be talking about their dynamic dishwashing liquid in Ayena, which comes in a 400ml pump bottle. It has an effective solution that is able to dissolve grease and it also rinses off easily. The formula is created to be washed off easily, thus needed less water to wash your dishes, making is eco-friendly. How cool is that?

Dirty Stained Glass Cup
The liquid foams up 
Squeaky clean! 
The texture of the dynamic dishwashing liquid comes in a form of transparent liquid, unlike the usual thick solution of dishwashing liquid. The scent is a fruity floral scent that is almost similar to the Nadari scent of the shoe spray, but I wouldn't say that the scent would really last. My washing experience with the dynamic dishwashing liquid was a breeze, but dont expect your plates to be smelling like flowers since you're washing the liquid off anyway. Hehe


User Friendly & Eco Friendly!
As a verdict, I would say that I'm buying the idea of it. I love how Kainda resembles a modern day woman who is independent, strong and she believes in protecting the future for legacy of the future generation. The products are pretty good, and its does what its suppose to do. Its also a plus point that it's environmentally friendly. SO YAY! Pricing may be slightly above the average, but for the quality and effort, they're putting, it's definitely worth it.

Selection of Fabric care products
Household Care products
Hands & Body Products
They also have skin care products features, such as hand cream, hand lotion, body lotion and body wash. Its amazing how Kainda features so much variety, but as a woman, I think we all know how we can relate to that right? Sorry boys, but the ladies has always been born to multitask, cause we know how to make it work. HAHA. Well, that's about it for now. If you have any other inquiries about the product, do leave me a comment below and I would love to get back to you. For more information, head on over to or for more deets. Thanks for dropping by!

Sara xx


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