Sunday, July 31, 2016

#AltheaTurns1 // Althea's Birthday Party

Althea is now a year old!
Hello there, first of all, I would like to once again wish Althea a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I cant believe that you're finally one and I hope to see you grow bigger and bigger each year. Ever since you came into my life, you have made K-beauty more convenient for me to get without requiring me to travel. So that's why I'm sharing the joy of celebrating your birthday! Time really does fly man, and it still feels like yesterday that I'm sharing to the world with the butterfly project when you were born in Malaysia last year.

Mandatory pose at the Althea Selfie Corner
Thank you, Althea, for having me at your birthday bash with other K-beauty fans to join you to celebrate such a big occasion. And if you missed it, fret not, cause I'm sharing to you on what activities we had on that day, and who knows, you might just be invited to their 2nd birthday bash next year. (keeping my fingers crossed on being invited again) hehe.

The event space
A Bingsu Bar
The Selfie Corner
The unlimited array of desserts
The birthday was held in Ruang, located in Subang Jaya, where its a private space perfect for private occasions. Since it was my first time being at Ruang, I have to say that I love the interior of it and its amazing how Althea turned the space to have a bingsu corner, a photobooth, a selfie corner, a buffet table of  sugary sweetness and a stage with over 50 people present in one location!

Best dressed winner, Rane Chin, and CEO of Althea, Frank
The amazing photo booth by
I think what entertained me the most was to see the CEO of Althea, Frank, singing on stage. I don't think it was planned, but since everyone insisted, Frank was being a good sport to please Althea's birthday guest on that day. AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT HIS VOICE IS AMAZING! Haha, i swear I won't be surprised if Althea starts having an album sung by Frank. Lol. I'm thinking of those background music you see on youtube when you watch beauty tutorials. Who knows man, who knows.

Lucky Draw where everyone grabbed a balloon for themselves
The craziest thing of all was that Althea actually surprised the guest with a shopping spree session where they gave us RM150 worth of points to spend on within 30 minutes! HORRAH! Althea was really sweet for giving RM150 worth of points to each guest. Despite being Althea's birthday, Althea actually made sure that everyone felt like it was their own birthday as well. It was hectic for the first 30 minutes, but of course, the 3G had to go a little haywire since everyone was using data, so they told us that we still had time to spend within the next 48 hours.

Loving Althea's Birthday Box 
My lucky draw prize
Before the party ended, we had a little fun lucky draw activity. Its definitely not your usual lucky draw cause your lucky draw prizes are actually in the pink balloons that you picked. The prizes were all from and I was lucky enough to score myself the Aromatica Rose Absolute Serum Gift  Box which happens to be one of the best prizes. So yay for having a lucky star in my pocket. hehe.

My Althea Birthday Haul
It was definitely a fun evening with and K-beauty lovers. And I hope they will have more parties in the future, cause I have to say that I had tons of fun! Thank you, Althea, for having me, and I look forward to you to bring in more amazing products from Korea. Gomabseubnida (고맙습니다)! If this is your first time hearing about Althea, why not join in the K-beauty fun by visiting and go crazy with K-beauty products that are way cheaper than the Korean products that you can get in Malaysia. Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading xx


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