Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hermo X MolPay Cash Shopping Experience

Hermo X MolPay Cash
Hey guys, I'm here writing to share with you about my shopping experience on Hermo via Molpay Cash! We all know that Hermo is one of the biggest beauty sites in Malaysia that sells all your beauty needs in a click of a button. And whats even better? They now have MolPay Cash as a payment option, which makes it super convenient to shop when it comes to making payment. What does this mean? It means that if you have no credit/visa card, NO PROBLEM, just opt to pay via Molpay Cash for a quick and hassle free payment method.


So if youre unfamiliar with Molpay cash, well let me tell you a thing or two about Molpay CashMolpay Cash is basically is a payment option for those who are concern with safety or unable to pay by card. And with MolPay Cash, it enables you to pay to a secured store and reports your payment instantly once payment has been made. If they had this system during my student days, i would be the happiest girl with all the beauty products i need. (Because back then, i didn't exactly have a card nor trusted payment via deposit machine to secure the payment).


So the first step is pretty simple for any shopaholic to follow, shop and pick the items that you want to buy by adding it to your cart. And in my case, I decided to purchase the Sleek MakeUp Eyeshadow Palette in Original, the Pony MemeBox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette, and the Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream. FYI, did you know that for every purchase of 2 items, you are entitled to free shipping? Thats why we all love hermo! *wink


My Cart Summary
My Shopping cart
Total payable amount
Once you're happy with your selected items, hover to the top right will have a tab 'My Cart' and it will show you a summary of your selected items that you are purchasing. Easy no? Click check out, and it will lead you to a new page of a summary of your purchases for double confirmation with the total amount to be paid at the bottom of the page. Once you have no second thoughts of purchasing more items, click 'Check out Now'.


Select Credit/Debit Card payment option
Select Payment Option > Select 7Eleven
Now for the important part! How do i get to the Molpay Cash payment selection? Hermo may require you to select a payment option but fret not if you don't see the word Molpay Cash! What i did was that i selected the credit/debit payment option, and it lead me to another secure online payment page. On the Secured payment page, click the payment options, then select 7Eleven.

MolPay Cash X 7Eleven Payment option (Logo)
Confirmation of payment option
Once selecting the 7Eleven payment option, it will then change your payment option and be sure that you see the molpay cash and 7Eleven logo (refer to above) to be sure that you've selected the right payment option. If you're satisfied with the total amount payable, click 'proceed' and it will confirm your payment option and record it to Hermo's database. A bar code and reference number is then generated for you to proceed with payment.


Cash Payment receipt sent to email
Now for the fun part! You will also receive an email stating your cash payment receipt to be paid. In my case, i didnt exactly have time to print it out, so i went hunting for a 7Eleven that provides the Molpay Cash service and just showed my email to the cashier. BE VERY SURE that the 7Eleven that youre heading to has the MolPay Cash logo to avoid disappointments as not all 7Elevens have this service apparently. I personally had to go to THREE 7Eleven's to get my payment done as some did not have the service, and the other one told me that the system was down. But not to worry, Hermo gave me 48 hours to complete my payment so i had enough time to stop by 7Eleven to make payment.


Receipts to confirm that youve paid
Order Confirmation via Email
And once you've made your way to 7Eleven and made your payment, 7 Eleven will issue you a MOL-MOLPAY receipt and a 7Eleven Receipt. So do expect to get 2 receipts to confirm that you've made payment. I was actually amazed that just after making my payment, i received an email stating that my payment has been approved by Hermo! YAY! (Refer to receipt time 9:30pm and email received time 9:30pm). I have to say that i feel safer paying this way knowing that my payment has been electronically received and guaranteed by Hermo instantly.


Parcel arrived!
And youre DONE! Sit back, relax and wait for your parcel to arrive. Its that simple! And its amazing how fast this parcel arrives. I completed my payment on a Thursday night, and got my parcel sent over to my door step on a Saturday morning. That really made my day, so thank you Hermo for getting my parcel ready in such a short time! For live updates, follow me on Instagram at @alizasara to keep up with me. As a summary of my experience, i have to say that its great to know that MolPay Cash exist! It saves me the worry of using my card details, and also suitable for those who prefer making cash payments instead of cards purchases. Super easy, convenient and hassle free if you ask me!

Tadaa! My Hermo Haul xx
Thank you for dropping by, and here's something for you to use if you're planning to drop by on Hermo's website. Enter the code below upon checkout to be entitled an amount of RM5 rebate oof your total amount. (Code is valid for 1 time with minimum purchase of RM60)


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