Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[REVIEW] Lip Fondue | Lip essence + Lip Balm + Lip Mask

Lip Fondue Review
I've heard of chocolate Fondue before, but this happens to be my first time hearing about Lip Fondue by Mentholatum. *Adds shocked face here*. From the packaging itself, it claims to be a 3-in-1 Lip Fondue that gives your 3-in-1 benefits in one single stick. It's crazy how with just a glide you can now transform dull-looking lips into gorgeous, moisture-looking ones with a natural shine. I FEEL LIKE IM IN THE FUTURE. Screw those typical lip balms, and say hello to these lip balms of the future.

Available in Aurora 3D Pearl
And in Cassis Rose
The Mentholatum all-new Lip Fondue by Mentholatum which launched in September last year comes in two variants, namely the Aurora 3D Pearl Lip Fondue and the Cassis Rose Lip Fondue which both provides your lips with the 3-in-1 function as a lip essence, lip balm, and lip gloss/mask. The Lip Fondue is enriched with Royal Jelly extract, Honey, and Olive Oil that deeply penetrates into the skin layers of your lips to replenish moisture for a firmer appearance making it the perfect lip essence. And not to forget that it still functions as a lip balm, by providing lips with intense and long-lasting moisture too!

Some information on the Lip Fondue
It even comes with a seal!  And im assuming that the Japanese words are warning to not turn too much. 
Comes in a dial lock tube
But honestly, I think what makes this the ideal lip fondue would be because it's formulated and enhanced with 3D particles, featuring the Aurora 3D Pearl Lip Fondue that can be served as a "lip gloss". The 3D pearl is twinkling in response to the light to produce more 3-dimensional lips. The Cassis Rose Lip Fondue, on the other hand, can be used as an overnight "leave-on mask" to help moisturize and nourish your lip while keeping it hydrated throughout the night making it the perfect beauty remedy for those who love wearing matte liquids on your lips.

Aurora 3D Pearl for a glossy finish, Cassie Rose for Repair
This is me wearing the Cassie Rose // Super moisturizing too!
Both the Lip Fondue variants also come with sun protection formula that helps protect the lips from UV rays too. I also found out a cool feature on it too! It has been specially designed with dial lock tubes to allow an easy control of the lip balm at all times, and that's by far my first time seeing such a cool intervention (told you that it's the lip balm of the future). Hehe. Alternatively, you can also apply it on bare lips or on top of your lipstick, and if you're trying to optimize the results, it would be recommended to apply 2-3 layers onto lips when needed.

Cant wait to pamper my lips with Lip Fondue
As a verdict, I would say that these are the must-have lip balms at home, especially when your lips can be extra dry at times. I sadly had to a face a day of chapped lips before deciding to try this out, and within less than 24 hours, my lips were perfectly moisturized. The Lip Fondue is a life savior I tell you. Upon application, it does have this layering that might bug if you don't like the sticky feel, but if you are facing serious dry lips, this would me the answers to your moisturizing needs. hehe. The Lip Fondue is priced at RM17.90 each and they are now exclusively available at all guardian pharmacies in Malaysia. Do leave me a comment below to share me your thoughts or if you have any question on it as I would love to spill out the details for you ;)

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  1. Hi! The last time i got this was from Guardian. But let me check again on whether they have updated the model to a better one :)