Thursday, September 29, 2016

[LAUNCH] Systema 0.02mm Pre Teen Toothbrush

The launch of Systema 0.02mm Pre Teen Toothbrush
I remember recalling my childhood where baby toothbrushes were too small for me by the time i reach 8 years old. And since i gave the adult toothbrush a go, i realized that it was little bit too big for my teeth, which eventually left me feeling confused with which toothbrush i should use. And what i remember most would be feeling the pain each time i brush my teeth with the adult toothbrush. But that has all changed, thanks to Systema who did a research on pre-teens preferences on toothbrushes.

Group photo with the VIP's and special guest
Pre-teens, aged between 8 to 12 years old, are the most vulnerable, since they have to face rapid changes physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially, as they begin to search for their own identity, independence and acceptance in society. And i think we all know that its during our pre-teen days is when we start to become more self-conscious of our physical appearance. Lets go with the asian stereotype where most of us are brought up to excel in academic and extra curricular activities, but never really enough on oral care.

The official launch ceremony
Not everyone has the privilege to be thought about oral care needs and practices. Thus here im sharing to you that its a crucial stage of mixed dentition (milk teeth giving way to permanent teeth), gums are tender, making brushing more painful, and usually parents are unaware of this problem. As pre-teens outgrown their kiddy toothbrush, they are given adult toothbrushes which results to improper brushing and they suffer from silent dental problems such as bleeding, painful gum, cavities and bad breath.

A special presentation by 'Gang UPSR'
The choral speaking performance from SK Taman Megah
So now, the Systema, the No. 1 toothbrush brand in Japan is introducing an innovative solution with its latest product, Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush that has been designed for pre-teens, especially for those who are 8 to 12 years old. The launch was held at SK Taman Megah today, and the launch was witness by over 300 students and teachers. We also had the popular cast from Geng UPSR, Hud, Adnan, Dina and Mei Yee who presented a skit that highlights the many common oral care problems faced by tweens in real life. Also not to forget that we were also entertained by the choral speaking performance with the team from SK Taman Megah during the launch.

Official Photo Opt
Presenting the Systema 0.02mm Pre Teen Toothbrush
It was really sweet to know that Systema decided to surprise the students with a Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush each, to encourage them in their journey of protecting healthy permanent teeth right from the start. So there you have it, protecting permanent teeth early with Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush is important , and if youre wondering, they'll be available in major hypermarkets, supermarkets and leading pharmacies nationwide at the recommended consumer price of RM7.10. For more information about Systema and Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush, visit

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  1. Japanese products seem to be making a boom in the market here and its great to see that Systema actually encourages students on protecting their teeth and taking care of them well. What a lovely initiative and event :)

  2. Systema is a good and affordable dental brand. will give this new variant a try soon

  3. i like this brand.. the bristles are really nice, able to reach those hard to get to areas.

  4. should get one of this for my pre teen too.. LOL... this seems to be a great toothbrush, and I trust SYstema with my teeth

  5. Still remember my school had similar event also to teach the students how to brush teeth correctly :)

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