Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; August 2016 Box

August Cubecrate Box
Its that time of the month again where i'll be unboxing my CubeCrate's August 2016 box. And just in case you havent heard about Cube Crate, its a monthly mystery subscription box where i'll usually find new discoveries and get to keep new products that are actually pretty amazing to have. So lets do this, can you guess whats in this months box? Here's a clue, its all about self pampering while you look pretty!

Its already two-third through the year and i think we all had a rough year by working so hard that we forget to reward ourselves with relaxation and self-pampering. Most likely you've already guessed what this month's box features, so to find out if youre right, the August box features 3 amazing brands which would be J&E Botanicals, ILSA Soap Wagon and BonBons Handmade accessories. And what do all these 3 brands have in common? Its all handcrafted with love, making it exclusively made just for you. I have to say that i admire handmade products, cause without fail, it will definitely make you feel special.

J&E Botanicals

Grapefruit Lippie Balm
First featured item thats in my CubeCrate box would be a Grapefruit Cooler lippie balm by J&E Botanicals. J&E Botanicals focuses on handcrafted home and personal care products which are born out of the believe for a better natural lifestyle, away from sans toxic synthetic chemicals. Calling all anti usage of chemicals, this would be an option for you if youre a fan of naturally made care products.

Handmade and moisturising
I got a lippie balm that came in a plastic lipbalm tube. I assume that they are a new brand in the market as the packaging looked very DIY where the label was sticked with tape to keep it in tack. Nevertheless, i believe that the quality of the product is what matters more to me. The balm is to be used 6 months from the date of purchase and its not recommended for highly sensitive and light pigmented skin. I think its really considerate for them to put fine details on the lip balm labels actually. And after giving it a swipe, i have to say that the balm does keep my lips moisturised on a hot sunny day when my lips are dry. Upon swiping it on my lips, it smoothly glides on my lips leaving a slight cooling sensation, which explains why its called Grapefruit cooler. YAS! Despite how simple the packaging looks, i have to say that the formulation is impressive. Chech them out at for more products that they have to offer.

ILSA Soap Wagon

ILSA soap wagon // Peppermint Essential Oil
Close up shot
Next in my box features an item from ILSA Soap Wagon. The brand is well known for their handmade products which are vegan and never tested on animal which makes it cruelty free. Most of their products are revolved around ingredients like Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and etc with the aim to provide you only the best benefits for your skin. And despite being famous for their handmade soaps, i got myself an essential oil !

I decided to use this in my air diffuser
Just because they're famous for their handmade soaps, thats definitely not all that they have to offer. As eager that im tempted to try their soaps, i have to say that im surprised to find out that they sell essential oil's too! I got mine in peppermint, and usually i like to use essential oils in my air diffuser. Or if you like going for body massages, you can also use this too by rubbing over your skin while it moisturizes the skin as you inhale the relaxing aroma of the essential oil. You can check out more products from them by visiting

BonBons Handmade Accessories

A pink bow from Bonbons
Handmade to perfection
And last but not least, i got myself a cute bow clip from BonBons Handmade Accessories! Its unbelievable that this is handmade, cause the finishing of it is absolutely flawless. I can actually tell that its made with tender loving care to be given to new owners of it. I think for those who subscribed for CubeCrate boxes, you'll all get random colours of the bow, but im glad i got mine in maroon pink cause it happens to be one of my favourite colour! Hehe.

How i prefer to wear it
I guess with my lippie balm in my handbag, just to complete my girly girl look for today is to clip this bow to my hair to complete my look while it keeps my hair in place. You can always check out if youre tempted to check out the collection. Their handmade accessories would be great presents and gifts for those who admire handmade items and who are also a girl at heart. I saw a few headpieces that are really cute too, so why not check them out to see if anything would catch your eye. *wink

New mysterious subscription offer
And thats about it! Thanks for giving me reasons to pamper myself cubecrate, and honestly, i cant wait to go for high tea with my friends to show off my cute new bow. Teehee. So gais, if youre loving what im talking about here, you can always visit for more information on how you can subscribe for your very own cubecrate for yourself too! Do not hessitate to leave me a comment below if you have any enquiries about CubeCrate. I would love to get personal with you ;)

Signing off, Sara xx

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