Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm ft Shima Anuar

Clinelle's Pure Swiss Hydracalm Range
First and foremost, i would like to thank Clinelle for having me to their journey to happy and hydrated skin with Shima Anuar last month. It was held at the Grey Sky Morning, definitely a lovely place for friends and family to catch up accompanied with a cup of tea. During the event, we basically had a casual chat with Shima Anuar, where she shared her thoughts on the Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm range which i was actually eager to find out as the range features ONLY NATURAL Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin hydrated up to 72 hours! Who even knew that synthetic hyaluronic acid existed?

We were served tea, and here are some fun facts on the type of teas
Being exposed to the environmental challenges from UV rays, air pollution, pro-long used of air conditioned and other damages, i believe that it is important to have a good hydration range of products that continuously cares and protects the layers of our skin. Now thanks to Clinelle, they have achieved another breakthrough by introducing the Pure Swiss Hydracalm range, formulated with powerful 3x Hydracalm action, that effectively restores skin health while providing long lasting hydration.

3X Hydracalm Action!
Did you know that Natural Hyaluronic Acid is derived from a plant called Cassia Augustifolia? It contains high molecular polysaccharides to attract and bind water making it the perfect alternative to provide intense hydration for the skin. Since Natural Hyaluronic Acid is botanical, it also means that its not harmful to the skin for long term use but instead restructures the skin barrier, forming a natural protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Shima Anuar sharing some tips on her skin regime
Couldnt resist but to get a photo with her.
Clinelle has also appointed Shima Anuar, an uprising Malaysian artiste as its new brand ambassador. Gifted with a fresh, radiant and charming look, twenty-five years old Shima will be appearing in a range of Clinelle advertising campaigns. Since she was present during our little high tea session, she shared with us her personal experience of using Clinelle products. She emphasized that when shes constantly busy with shoots, hydrating her skin has been one of her important skin care regime. What better brand than to hydrate the skin with Clinelle's Pure Swiss Hydracalm range right? Hehe

Im already in love with the range as it contains Natural Hyaluronic acid
Clinelle's Pure Swiss Hydracalm features 3x hydracalm action by containing Natural Hyaluronic acid, Pure Swiss Thermal spring water and bio-calm complex formulation. Hyaluronic Acid helps to penetrate deeper into the skin to replenish and lock in moisture for 72 hours. Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water on the other hand acts as a hydra booster that instantly hydrates and revitalize the skin with a control level of pH5.5 for optimum skin health. The Bio-calm complex formulation helps to calm, restore and strengthens the skins defense system. What is there not to love?

One of the must haves, the Clinelle Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water
All Clinelle skincare products has commited to be dermatologically tested for its tolerance and has been proven to contain no paraben making it suitable for all skin types. Clinelle products are also formulated with 6 secrets to happy skin which excludes potential harmful ingredients such as artificial colouring, fragrances, lanolin, mineral oil, SD alcohol and comedogenic ingredients.Yay!

Got myself some products to try at home
The Pure Swiss Hydracalm range is formulated and manufactured in France with natural ingredients that delivers a new level of efficiency and safety. It is available at AEON Wellness/Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons and selected independent pharmacies nationwide. Be sure to visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/Clinelle or their official website at www.clinelle.com to keep yourself updates with the latest news and events. Giving you a personal opinion, i actually love the Pure Swiss HydraCalm serum the most! Hehe. So do check it out in stores when you have the chance.

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  1. I am impressed with up to 72 hours of hydration. That's a very long time! The packaging looks so nice and definitely projected the "water element" of the range.

  2. 72 hours of hydration, wow that amazing! Hope they will be available here in the Philippines :)

  3. I love all hydration products! I've never tried Clinelle, but has always seen them at the drugstore though

  4. these product looking good..i cant wait to try the sleeping mask!

  5. the packaging itself feels very refreshing...hope the products does the same too.. ^^

  6. Love this new packaging as its looks refreshing! I want to try their water mist too =)

  7. I've heard of Clinelle before but I can't remember if I've tried anything from them haha. I have combi skin so 72 hrs of moisture sounds really impressive!

  8. this is good product.
    did you get the full range home to use?

  9. This is a good products to keep our skin more hydrate and moisture. Dryness skin problem solved and it proven effective on my skin.