Thursday, April 6, 2017

[REVIEW] Hair Attitude Group in Pandan Indah | Hair Colour

Reviewing the services at Hair Attitude Group
If you're here looking for a hair salon in Pandan Indah that provides hair care/grooming needs, well you have come to the right page! Hidden in Pandan Indah is a Pandan Indah salon called Hair Attitude Group which was opened in mid-2013. Since I recently got myself a job (YES I DONT BELIEVE IT EITHER) somewhere in Ampang, might as well find a regular salon to pop-by on days when I need a new look. Teehee. So, if you're wondering about the services at Hair Attitude Group, I'll be sharing with you about my most recent hairdo. So scroll away.


The interior of Hair Attitude
Well like any other salon, they provide cut & wash, trimming, colouring service, treatment and more! And since it has been a few months since I last coloured my hair, I decided to test out their colouring services. Since my hair was a little bright at the bottom half, and I didn't want to bleach my hair (cause it usually takes forever), I decided to only colour the bottom part and what colour fits black like blue. WOOOPS, spoiler alert!


The condition of my hair before the treatment
Advised by Lee to bleach the bottom parts of my hair
Felt like a VIP with 2 professional hair stylist drying my hair
The whole colouring procedure took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes which I consider it pretty fast than usual. I left my hair to the hands of Lee, a hair stylist from Hair Attitude Workshop who has been working at the salon for over 3 years and counting. He was indeed very friendly as he advised me on what to do to my hair based on my preferences. I decided to go dark blue, and he was nice enough to bleach the ends of my hair just so that the blue pops-up at the bottom creating an ombre shade to my hair. Sweet!
The dying process
A closer look to the Schwarzkopf dye
Now let's go to the process of colouring. Application of the bleach, leave-on and rinse took about 40 minutes overall, and I had a nice conversation with Lee while waiting. The process then continued with the hair dye, which I was told that they used Schwarzkopf hair products to colour my hair and I honestly have to say that I like that the product did not have an ammonia smell which I usually hate. That took another 50 minutes from application, leave-on and rinse.

On steam treatment twice since i took the 2 step treatment
We all known that the hair loses moisture once your hair has been coloured, so Lee was nice enough to explain to me the importance of treating the hair after dying hair colour to my hair. Customers may opt to choose 1 step treatment or 2 step treatments, but in my case, i opted to go for the 2 step treatment cause obviously the 2 step treatment is better. Teehee. So again they applied the first step, left it to steam for 5 minutes, applied the second step, left it to steam for another 5 minutes then brought my hair to rinse. The the treatment took about 40 minutes.


And tadaa! Loving how mysterious the shade of blue is
Before and After shot
*Drum rolls please* And tadaa, here's the outcome! I was surprised that it looked better than expected. This really proved to me that the hair stylist at Hair Attitude Group really knows what they're doing. My hair was styled by Lee and Ah Hong, both very well experienced in hair styling and I have to give credit to them for making me feel beautiful again. Hehe. I have to emphasise that they were very gentle when it comes to handling my hair, and they were nice enough to give me advice on how to properly care for my hair too. Definitely worth my time coming by this salon. Would I come again? I'd say YES! I like the confidence the hair stylist has, and I wouldnt need to worry about anyone messing up my hair.


Meet my hair stylist of the day, Ah Hong and Lee
Good news! If you're looking for colour services, Hair Attitude Group has an ongoing promotion! Starting from RM68nett you can get your hair coloured by Hair Attitude Group. To make it more convenient for you, below would be the price list of the promotional prices. I was actually really surprised to see the price list, but please take note that the colour services are for standard one tone colours (that requires no bleaching). But if you want different shades or two-tone shades, or for after dye treatment, there will be additional fee's that may be added on.

Normal Colour Services

Short Hair Length - RM68nett
Medium Long Hair Length - RM88nett
Long Hair Length - RM108nett
Super Long Hair Length (extra 2 inches off shoulder) - RM128nett
*Promo ends during Hari Raya 2017*

Facebook: Hair Attitude Workshop

Sara xx


  1. Wow! so cool! love the new colour!

  2. The before and after treatment your hair look so different. Full of volume. I like it

  3. I love your new hair colour and style! The pricing is indeed very attractive. Why can't I be nearer to Pandan Indah?

  4. love your hair, the shape looks so natural, and nice on you! what's even better is the amazing price!

  5. Your hair look healthier and glossy in this hair color, love it too.

  6. OOOOOO....I like the colour...makes your hair looks really healthy n bouncy! looking great babe!

  7. Omg! Your hair look so good! Its refreshing and bagi you nampak macam 'wanita berkerjaya' :D

  8. I love the before and after. You hair was far different before. I reallt like it. More volumized and your hair color suits you well

  9. Love how they styled your hair and the color looks great as well!

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