Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dr. KO Skin Specialist Founders Day 2017 | Charity Project

This year marks the second year that the Ko Founders Day celebrates the occasion with the less privileged in mind while rewarding loyal patients with great deals that are not to be missed! Being brought up being thought to give back to society, I find this an amazing occasion to celebrate as Dr KO sets a good example to his patients and fans to not just talk about improving the world, but to also start taking action. Read on to find out what Dr KO has to offer.

With every transaction at Dr Ko Skin Specialist and Dr Ko clinics, Dato Dr Ko will donate RM1 to a charity of choice. There will also be special promotions in store for patrons, who are the main reason behind the success of Dato Dr Ko Chung Beng. Dr Ko shared a few words where he invites people to contribute to a better world. Throughout his 19 years of outstanding contribution to the skin and aesthetic industry in Malaysia, Dato Dr KO has been offering free treatment to poor fire victims as he graciously waived their bills and even covered their transportation cost. He's such a sweetheart.

"Life is meaningful when we contribute to the world by bringing positive changes to others lives. 
- Dato Dr Ko Chung Beng

That then lead Dr Ko to the Ko Founders Day which was introduced as an annual event to champion a noble cause with a different choice of charity each year. With the project being launched last year, they aim to create public awareness on charity and inspire people to support our local Malaysian communities. Last year, Dato Dr Ko donated RM27,000 to Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled which they showed the video to fellow media friends, and that really touched my heart to see the smiles on their faces. And this year, he aims to contribute RM50,000 to Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Anak-Anak Sakit Kanser Malaysia.

Founded in 1997 by Dato Dr Ko Chung Beng, Dr Ko Skin Specialist is the largest and leading dermatology and laser centre in Asia. Dr Ko Skin Specialist provides a range of aesthetic services from cosmetic dermatology and hair transplant to plastic surgery and slimming. With over 30 branches across Malaysia and regional expansion to China and Indonesia, the centre has attracted medical professionals from all across the globe. They all share the same commitment to empowering individuals by making them feel young, ageless and beautiful.

Look your best, Feel your best - Dr Ko Skin Specialist's tagline.

The Cancer Care project will be from 24th March to 30th April 2017, where with every transaction at Dr Ko Specialist and Dr Ko Clinics, Dato Dr Ko will donate RM1 to Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Anak-Anak Sakit Kanser Malaysia. We even had local artists Idris Khan and Dynas Mokhtar who lent their stardom to the charitable cause by sharing a few thoughts about the project. The KO Founders Day is sponsored by Make a Wish Creations - an event planner and Le Midi, a French-Italian Restaurant. For more information about the KO founders Day, kindly visit

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