Thursday, April 13, 2017

[REVIEW] Neutrogena | Dermatologist Recommended

Dont you hate days when you have dull skin? I know i do. Imagine a day, especially after a long busy weekend, showing up to work with that dull look on your face. Ugh, even talking about it makes me sense that there are negative vibes. Thankfully, thats to Neutrogena, I finally found a solution to say goodbye to dull skin. I remember the days when i was a teenager and i was literally growing up with Neutrogena to fight my acne problems, and the brand has really gained my trust in beliving that it offers more than just cleansing.


If you have never heard of Neutrogena, well let me give you a brief introduction on their background.  Neutrogena happens to be the #1 Dermatologies Recommended skincare brand that offers a wide range of skincare products. And since it has gained trust by dermatologies from all around the world, it automatically attracts attention by more people to emphasize that they are a reputable reliable established brand. YAY! Now in today's review, i will be reviewing 3 items which would be the Neutrogena deep clean brightening cleansing oil to foam, the deep clean brightening foaming cleanser and the deep clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub.

REVIEW | Deep Clean Brightening Oil to foam

I honestly found this really interesting, and you would have to agree with me! Just reading the name of the product ' Brightening Oil to Foam' makes me ask a lot of questions. I've heard of the usual foam cleansers where your cleansers comes out in forms of foam, but never oil to foam cleansers. But really, lets get into serious business, i think the description is pretty clear that the oil texture eventually turns into foam after a few scrubs.

Since there was a tiny description saying that it works as a make-up remover and a foam cleanser, i decided to do a make up removal test and surprisingly left me impressed. From the image above, you would see my everyday make up needs being swathed and it took me just 30 second of scrubbing to fully remove all the make up from my hand. And from the looks of it, i'd say it cleanses really well.

I actually like the fact that it comes in a pump nozzle bottle, where all you need is just one pump and you're already on your way to deep cleansing. YAY. Despite it being considered an oil cleanser, i was expecting it to be oily, but surprisingly since the oil formulation turns into foam once you scrub your face, the oil texture instantly disappears. As a result, it was really easy to wash it off, which left my skin feeling clean and refreshed!

REVIEW | Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Next would be the Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, which is a daily scrub to eliminate blackheads. Now, the real deal here is that im usually very particular when it comes to face scrubs as its usually too rough for my skin, or that it would make my skin turn red because the beads are just too harsh. The texture of the scrub had a gel-like texture and i noticed that it also had tiny orange beads in it! Another fact that i would highlight is that i found it rather odd that this is to be considered as a daily scrub, assuming that its gentle enough for daily scrubbing.

It actually foams really well when its mixed with water, and i have to emphasize that the beads are really micro sized! I was assuming that it may be a little rough on my skin (since i know my skin isnt too fond with scrubs) but instead it was actually really gentle. PLUS POINTS! No wonder its suitble for daily scrubbing. But personally, despite it being a daily scrub, im personally using this twice a week.

REVIEW | Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser

And last but not least would be the Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser. Amoung the three, i would have to say that this would be the most safest choice if youre looking for a daily cleanser. According to its decription, it says that it effectively deep cleanses and brightens the skin resulting to a more radiant skin. Just what i need! I love being outdoors, and ocassionaly the sun leaves my skin feeling burned and eventually it leaves my skin looking dull. Booo. But after a week of using this, i have to say that i did notice that my skin seems to be brighter. 

Upon testing this out, it actually foams really well, and i have to say that its very gentle on the skin. I dont know about you, but i've expereince really bad washing and i hate it each time that the facial cleanser dries out my skin. With the Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser, i enjoy washing my face because its really hydrating and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that the range really defines what its suppose to do. Other than washing away impurities, it also deeply cleanses all the unwanted dirt almost effortlessly. By having just 3 of these products, it made me felt as if i was having a facial treatment of my own at my very own home. All you need is some aromatic candles, some theraputic mist, yellow light, relaxing music, and you can happily cleanse away. Thank you so much for reading on my review, do share me your thoughts as i would be happy to know if my review has helped you in any way. 

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  1. My job requires me to be out and about a lot. My skin is tanned and dull - sunscreen doesn't seem to work. I will try Neutrogena cleansing foam and see. Although I have used Neutrogena for a long time, I have yet to try this particular product.

  2. I certainly love this range loads.. they are perfect for what I need... Especially the scrub

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