Friday, April 7, 2017

[LAUNCH + REVIEW] ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics

Presenting ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics
So about a week ago, I was invited to attend the launch of ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics, and since it was a local brand, I'm all in for support! Founded by Datin Zamzarina Zambri, Zarra introduces color cosmetics under the name of ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics with Matte Lipsticks as their first product. I was told that the production put a lot of attention when it comes to product quality which they claim to reach a minimum standard of international standards, BUT with an affordable price for fellow Malaysians. YES! Thank you so much, Datin!

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ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks are made out of main ingredients such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil & Vitamin E. And the founder strongly holds a principal of "Beauty that's healthy" which I think has a really strong meaning behind it. For women who wants shine-free lips, ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks are the key to sexier thicker lips. Cause you know how it is in the beauty world right now, #matteforlife. This matte lipstick has also been designed to no easily stain and is long lasting which you won't need to worry about re-applying.

The 7 trendy shades for each day of the week!
Now for the coolest information that I found during the launch! Hehe. It comes in 7 trendy shades for 2017 with a concept of wearing matte lipsticks 7 days a week. Every shade was named with a hidden meaning to boost your day with positivity and confidence when you wear the shades to your lips as you start your day. And i have to say that the array of colours are indeed interesting as it has a little touch of bold, mysterious, sexy and even versatile natural colors which were very well thought of. The 7 shades features Zesty Rose, Zenia Daisy, Zazzy Verbena, Zaftig Carnation, Zealous Dahlia, Zonal Peony and Zappy Therapy,


Very unique packaging
As a start, the Matte lipstick tube has a really nice elegant touch to it. Never in my life i've seen a lipstick tube like this before, making it a trademark on its own to ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics. The casing comes in matte black with a transparent bottom to make it convenient for you to view the actual shade. Psst, as i was trying to test this out, i was shocked to find out that the formulation smells like cake (no kidding). *inserts shocked face here*

Thats about 8 hours without re application!
Here i have the ZarraB'Joy Cosmetics Matte lisptick in Zealous Dahlia, which i found pretty dark at first, but after application it honestly doesnt look that bad. Hehe. Upon swatching, i notice that it dries really well on my lips and its not at all oily which means i can say that its really comfortable on my lips. I wore this at 12pm one day, and got back home at 8pm to be surprised that the shade lasted me the entire day without reapplication! I noticed that reapplying really makes your lip liquid runs out really fast, but with this, i think it may last me a while since its so long lasting despite with just 1 application. So gais, what do you think of the shade on me?


Some fun activities during the launch
As a verdict, I would have to say that any women would be excited to own the full collection of 7 shades, and I was also told that these shades are mixable based on your preference, which means, you can practically create shades of your own by a 'mix and match' concept. It's also Halal, approved by KKM, wuduk friendly, non-drying, no-chemicals, long lasting, doest not leave stains (especially when you're drinking from a cup) and 100% Malaysian made! It retails at only RM47 and can be easily purchased from Alternatively, you can also get this via WhatsApp by texting 019344778 or 0126229970 to make your order. Thank you so much, and I have to say that I'm tempted to get another shade in Zaftig Carnation. What's your favorite shade? 


  1. The Listed ingredients are great. Really Love shea butter and vitamin E.

  2. Eh. The Dahlia one also nice. Looks beautiful on you.

  3. i want to try the rose one.... hehehe.... I like the long staying power...

  4. This lipstick look nice on you! I would love to try this too :)

  5. OMG! The lipstick look so nice! I want to try the Zenia Daisy shade.

  6. seems kinda great lippie. will look into it and get one soon

  7. I have the Friday shade, like its quality too :)

  8. Looks like a lovely lip shade Aliza :) Really pigmented too.

  9. Wish I am attending this fun event, coz I love to collect the white one, so unique ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. I am tempted to try the Zealous Dahlia so gorgeous.

  11. love the colors but im not too much of a fan of matte lipsticks because it's too drying for me

  12. wow.. the lipstick color look stunning and love the packaging..