Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unboxing CubeCrate; March 2017 Box

Unboxing  Cubecrates March 2017 box
And just to welcome April, my cubecrate for March 2017 is here! I know this may be a delayed post, but I would like to share with you on what I got from the March CubeCrate box. Surprisingly, this time around, they have turned the March box as a sleeping theme box. How exciting! I guess with CubeCrate, it's a hint for me to always get enough sleep despite working so hard. Boohoo.

Here's a little sneak peak on whats inside
So in the March 2017 box, we have 4 featured brands namely Candlenuts by Nadia (One of my favs from cubecrate so far), HowSmooth, J&E Botanicals and The Tea Republic. Now, I noticed that some are repeated featured brands, but since it's a different box, they offered something a little more different compared to getting repeated items. YAY! Now here's a tiny review on what I got.

Candlenuts by Nadia
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The Special Edition Candlenuts by Nadia
I kindda think it looks pretty <3
First up is Candlenuts by Nadia! After about 2-3 boxes of receiving items from this brand, I must say that I have grown really attached as it has really de-stressed me at home thanks to its therapeutic candles that I would usually light up in my room when I'm feeling stressed. Candlenuts by Nadia are different than your usual candles because they use palm wax, which is better for the environment. I received a special edition candle in a shot-sized cup and I must say it smells amazing! I'm assuming that its special edition because it has unique shapes that pop's up in 3D to make it look fancier, thus it's no doubt to say that I love it.

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Packaging on point HowSmooth
This is my favourite item to use before i sleep
Next would be something new as this is my first time hearing about HowSmooth. What is HowSmooth you may wonder? Well, HowSmooth specializes in handmade soaps and body care products. Upon first impression, I'd say that the packaging is rather impressive, the fact that it's sealed. BRAVO HowSmooth! In my box, I received a sleepy rub and it contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oil of lavender and frankincense. I managed to give it a try, and just a few rubs of the product around your nose, I have instantly relaxed that it made me felt like sleeping.
Ps: good to use when you have troubles sleeping / bad to use when you need to get work done. Hehe.

J&E Botanicals
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Body Lotion by J&E Botanics anyone?
Loving its water based texture btw
Next would be something from J&E Botanicals where the brand believes in providing a better lifestyle without toxic and synthetic chemicals. Got myself one of their handmade body lotions which I currently love to use when im indoors. It's cooling and therapeutic to calm the soul and mind. This is safe to be used at any time of the day, and I admit that it works well as a de-stresser too. Once my tub of 20gm finishes, I might be getting more of it from their store perhaps. Hehe.

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Tea ball by thetearepublic
Some instructions on how it should be served
And our last featured brand for this post would be from thetearepublic. After my first item I received from thetearepublic, I definitely knew that theterepublic will never disappoint. From the quality of their tea's to the taste of it, it's all maintained to be served to perfection! I still have a pack of tea bags from thetearepublic, and for the March 2017 box, I received tea in form of tea balls! New to you? Well, I'd say that these tea balls are rather rare in Malaysia for people like me to find, so I'm excited to test it out! Did you know that tea balls will bloom like a flower once it's placed in hot water?

OH lookie, a panda sleeping mask which i think is super cute!
And there you have it! 
And when I thought that's over, I also received myself a panda sleeping mask from CubeCrate  Malaysia. How sweet. Teehee. Thank you CubeCrate   So it looks like the March 2017 Box is all about pampering thyself and encouragement to give yourself a break. Just thinking about getting a break, I swear it has been a while since I pampered myself. (Workaholic issues). Thankfully with CubeCrate, I could skip the shopping experience drama. hehe. Till my next post gais xx

If you happen to want to subscribe to CubeCrate's subscription plan, be sure to head on over to Cube Crate Malaysia's website to see what plan they offer. In case you're wondering, each CubeCrate box is priced at RM35.


  1. everything looks so good I wanna grab some too.
    shall visit the website soon.

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    ieyra h. | blog

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  4. this march theme is great...i feel they improved alot and they are the only box left in the market now right?so sad most beauty box died!

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  6. Nice theme. The panda eyes is so cute! Make u sleep easier.

  7. This is something interesting, it serves as a reminder as well for us busy girls to remember to take good care of ourselves despite our hectic schedule.


  8. So interesting! I love to try the products! ... :)

  9. The theme for this is lovely Aliza. The products look really good - I especially like the Panda sleeping mask-its too cute :)

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