Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caffe Bene || Mangotella Series

Mangotella at Caffe Bene anyone?
As they all say, 2 is usually better than 1. Hehe. I never really thought mango and Nutella would be a good combo, but after getting a taste of this, YAS!! It's like love at first taste. For a limited time only, Caffe Bene Malaysia is offering a seasonal time menu which will bright excitement to the lovers of Nutella and Fruits! Featuring Nutella chocolate and Mango's as the season's highlight, its no doubt that it would make you wonder how deliciously yummy it is. And with that, I would like to share with you the four different seasonal options to choose from!

Mango Yogurt Bingsu | RM29.90

Be on the safer side with the Mango Yogurt Bingsu
First up which I would like to introduce would be the Mango Yogurt Bingsu! This yummy cold icy dessert is topped with juicy mango cubes and seasonal Yogurt Gelato. Holla at cha girl if you're a fan of yogurt as this is super yummy as I must say that the combo goes really well. Suitable for those who prefers to be on the safer side when it comes to taste. hehe.

Mangotella Bingsu  | RM29.90

Go slightly darker with the Mangotella Bingsu
When it comes to Caffe Bene, we all know that they're famous for serving their 'to-die-for' icy bingsu. Now if youre looking for some adventure in flavours, the Mangotella Bingsu would not disappoint. This has to be one of the dreamiest combination where it combines Nutella, mixed nuts, cookie crumble base with mango cubes topped with the Nutella gelato. Yummy! I don't usually like nuts in my bingsu, but surprisingly the mixed nuts and cookie crumble base actually gave the bingsu some interesting textures when you scoop a mouthful of it! LAV IT!

Mangotella Waffle | RM17.90

Mangotella waffles anyone?
Drizzle some hot-fudge onto your waffle
Not seeking for something icy? Well, thank God Caffe Bene serves waffles too! The Mangotella Waffle is definitely a must try! Just talking about it makes me crave for more. It's waffle is topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and covered in yogurt gelato. And just when you think the goodness ends there, it doesn't as you can make this taste even yummier when you drizzle hot-fudge Nutella all over your waffle.

Mangotella Smoothie | RM11.90

Be quick and on the go with the Mangotella Smoothie
Alternatively, if you're looking for something that you can grab and go, I would automatically suggest you to try the Mangotella smoothie to quench your thirst. I usually have a hard time deciding whether to drink fruity drinks or something chocolatey, but at Caffe Bene, I get both in one cup! hehe. This tasted really smooth and creamy and surprisingly the mango taste is stronger than the Nutella taste. Nevertheless, the combo has just the right sweetness that does not overpower.

My blogger buddies for the night :)
So what are you waiting for? Drop by Caffe Bene while you still can! I might be heading over to Caffe Bene later at night for some dessert time catch up session with friends. And just to get things exciting, I cant wait to see what my friends would have to say when they get a bite of this. #cravings!
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