Friday, June 30, 2017

[UNBOXING REVIEW] The Butterfly Project turns 4!

Butterflies celebrating The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday!
Hmm, lets see. I'm really not sure on where to start, but I can't thank mamasan enough for letting me a part of the Butterfly team. So thank you mamasan for bringing me up and guiding me through by telling me whats right and whats wrong in the blogging world. But really at the end of the day, with the Butterfly Project, I've learned that its important to always be true to yourself when writing a blog post. The Butterfly Project is a bloggers community in Malaysia and I'm proud to say that I grew up with this community. #proudbutterfly

Whats a birthday party without dessert gais?
To celebrate this milestone, the butterfly project threw not one but TWO birthday bashes to celebrate this achievement of growing so strong. Too bad I had to miss out on the first one, but I wouldn't miss the second birthday bash for the world! It was actually really nice to be gathered with fellow blogger friends, being able to make new friends and of course to really be surrounded in a community that shares the same passion.

Photobooth by Glitz & Glam
And the prints are just gorgeous!
Present at the event, we had a lovely photo booth by G&G Studio booth and the photo box prints are really something to brag about and it really did attract a lot of attention, especially during arrival. Being in a room filled with bloggers, we really had to coordinate our time by taking turns to really spam the photo booth. hehe. Why? Because it wouldn't be complete if we didn't bring back some photos to keep when we head back home. PLUS, with super high-quality photographs being printed out almost instantly, it really got our heart pumping which excites our imagination of being creative with the photo booth. Be sure to check them out at for more deets.  #propsprovided by #gngstudiobooth

With fellow blogger friends, smiles everywhere!
We were all seated in a cozy corner provided by Hello Deer, Uptown PJ and despite the parking issues normally held in Uptown PJ, thankfully it was easy to park at Starling Mall. The dress code during the day was pastel and what was even more exciting was that there was a party contest going on where the top 10 best butterfly party makeup will win NYX Gifts worth RM150 each! YASS! Not sure if you love my look, but it had a little bling to it to match my pastel attire.

From left: Syafiqahxoxo, mua, Sydney, Innanie and Mira Citcit
With all the excitement going around, we were told to be seated and we had a welcome note by Leonard followed by a Birthday Box Unboxing Session with Sydney. Yes, I said Birthday Box Unboxing. It literally felt as if it was my birthday, OMGGGGG! It was actually really exciting as the Birthday 'Bags' were placed on our seats and to find out that it was SO HUGE that everyone started peeking even before the event officially started. Opps #guilty. Now, if you're looking forward to finding out on what's inside, scroll away as I'll be sharing with you some magical stuff I found during the unboxing session. YAS!


Here's a little sneak peak of whats inside.
Just Waderlustthings | Unicorn brushes! 
Unicorn Eye Make Up Brushes | from Wanderlust Things
Now for the real deal! Whats in my Birthday Box? First up is we have some wanderlustthings which i got myself some unicorn eye makeup brushes (told you its filled with magical things inside). According to a little pamphlet i got in my bag, it says that these brushes are made from the finest unicorn hair and a strong unicorn handle which will guarantee to make any girl feel magical. EEPPP! Managed to also check out their site, cause i wanted to get the unicorn face makeup brushes to match my eye makeup brushes. Hehe. These retails at RM89 only and you can always check out for more #wanderlustthings. (BIRTHDAY HINT if you don't know what to get for me during my birthday) Hehe.

W.Lab | Pocket Shadow Palette In Blooming | from
Next would be something i actually got myself is a W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Blooming which i personally already have, and if you want one for yourself you can get it from! I swear the shades are perfect for summer/autumn feels and how can you not love the fact that it comes in 10 beautiful shades! I will be doing a separate review on this, so if you're tempted to get this for yourself, I'll show you different kind of looks that you can do with the palette of magic. This retails at RM90 and i believe that its super affordable for 10 shades (that's RM9 per shade guys!). So worth it!

Matte Suade | Orked Cosmetics
Also got myself some really chic liquid lipsticks by Orkid Cosmetics, our very own Malaysian-grown brand. This is by far the first time I've heard about Orkid Cosmetics, but I AM IN LOVE! Its actually a halal beauty brand that has been created by a local blogger and their mattes are just gorge! I honestly don't think that these are the only colours available, but i must say that the shades that I've received are just jaw-dropping. Review coming right up!

Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara | 1028 & Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black | Dolly Wink
I also received a Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara by 1028, and a Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black by Dolly Wink too! 1028 is a new brand to me, but we all know how good when it comes to quality on Dolly Wink products. I'm actually currently using Dolly Wink's eyeliners, and I'm super thankful to be receiving this just before I purchased a new one. I'm also pretty curious about the mascara, so I'll let you know all about it once I get a chance to test it. Thank you butterfly project!

Floral Hydro Mist & Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner | Mamonde
Another brand that I love would be something from Mamonde where we got ourselves the Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner (cool! Another eyeliner) and a Floral Hydro Mist (which I personally have in my current office). I swear I cant wait to give their Long Lasting Liquid eyeliner a go, so if you want me to do a review on it, please give me a heads up! The floral hydro-mist, on the other hand, is a MUST HAVE! One of my favorite mist of all times and there's no regrets if you ever decide to get this.

NEESYA Cleansing Set
Aloe Vera and Hadabisen's Moisturizing Face Mask 
I've also gotten myself some skin care from Neesya, a cleansing set, a tub of aloe vera and Hadabisen's moisturizing face mask extra rich in 5 pieces (cause one is never enough). With my skin as tanned as ever, its about time i start going back to Neesya to provide my skin a natural glow. I've already own a few sets of Neesya and i honestly love the results. I have yet to try the Hadabisen, so stay tuned for my review on that. hehe. Since its a moisturizing mask, i might use this at times when my skin is extra dry. Speaking about dry, i think its great to know that i got myself an Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Pax Moly too! I can only say too little about the benefits of Aloe Vera, so i would really say that this is a must have item at home as well.

UV Defense, Hydracalm Sleeping Mask and Hot Body Shaper Cream | Clinelle
Clinelle has always been a trusted brand to me, and its exciting to find the Clinelle UV Defense SPF50, the Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask and the Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream in my Bag. I have no doubts on their products, but among the 3, I'm honestly looking forward to see how the Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream works. YAY! Will be using this during my gym sessions, and I'm hoping that it would burn the fats that i have gained over the months. boohoo. #reviewcoming right up!

Adidas Climacool | Adidas
I was actually surprised to also find something from Adidas in my bag too! Got myself the Climacool Shower Gel and the Climacool Deodorant. I don't know about you, but despite being a female, I'm actually rather fond of the male version of the climacool shower gel and deodorant. It has a really sporty fresh scent, and a sniff of this can actually be rather relaxing after a long workout at the gym. I don't know about you, but i believe that this can be a great item to give as a gift too if you're clueless on what to get. Hehe.

Gifts from Photobook Malaysia!
And to end our event, we got a little gift from Photobook Malaysia to treasure our memories in a hardcopy souvenir. They actually provided us with The Simple Book 6x6 Hardcover and a 50x4R prints. I know that living in a digital world may not require physical photos to be printed, but call me old fashioned cause i still love the idea of having hard copies as memories. Kinda give you more feels to your memories no? Hehe. Did you know that Photobook Malaysia has a photobook app now? Yep, thats technology for you by Photobook Malaysia. Really cant wait to try this out!

Top 10 best make up winners!
Made it to the top 10 gais!
I know it might have been too much to read about, but i have to say that it was one of the MOST amazing parties I've attended. There was also a pastel fairy make up contest happening the event, and guess what?! I'm in the top 10 best makeup attendees! Who really knew i had it in me? Hehe. So yes, on top of that i won a little contest too with some amazing blogger friends. Its actually pretty sad that i never really got the chance to take some photos with the rest of the bloggers, but getting to see them is always a priceless moment.

Group photo before leaving.
And that about it for my Unboxing Review. How awesome is it to be a butterfly with the butterfly project? Hehe. It's a great moment to remember and I look forward to the butterfly project in having more events like this to give chances to new caterpillars and butterflies as we grow together to be ideal bloggers in life. Once again thank you for reading my blog post, stay tuned for my full write up on the items mentioned above. Hehe. xx


  1. I miss out this event 😭😭😭😭 hopefully can join next time! Seem have alot of fun

  2. Yeay! I did my 'untoteing' too! Hehe

  3. I love the Mamonde mist too! It's actually the first face mist I've owned and it's already set such a high bar for my future mists!! Hope to meet you in future events soon!

  4. Love love each of everything we got from the event!! Glad to meet you once again too =) Really miss the fun times together we have in the party !!

  5. love ur photos! it's a fun afternoon. ^^

  6. Glad to see you at the party, babe but then forgotten to ask selfie from you :(
    Actually, I am kinda sick that time that's why I cover myself with black top and black cardigan as well :( but anyhow, I am happy to attend the event! Wish to join next year party again with proper theme outfit! <3


  7. is great day with all the butterflies! really enjoy a lot ^^

  8. Mamonde not really the best for me huehue but Clinelle sleeping mask is 100%!!!!!!

  9. great to see you there at the party too! =D congratz on the prize winning! i bet all of us had a lot of fun there =)

  10. Indeed a great event! Can't wait for your detailed review on the products soon babe! :D

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