Saturday, November 11, 2017

[FOOD] Revolving Bintang Restaurant | The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Dinner experience at the Revolving Restaurant at the Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur
Being a person who is passionate towards architectural history, each time I hear about The Federal Hotel, I tend to think about how far Malaysia has grown. Imagine finding out that The Federal Hotel, the first international class hotel in Malaysia, was THE FIRST hotel with a revolving restaurant Asia, which inspired many other countries within Southeast Asia to follow suit, making the hotel itself an idol to many other hotel operators internationally. It was also THE venue where many important occasions we held for foreign dignitaries and overseas guest back in the days, thus you can imagine how meaningful The Federal Hotel is towards Kuala Lumpur. Even my dad has been there during his teens, and he only remembers fond memories when he thinks about his visits.

The Bintang Revolving Restaurant
Now, with recent renovations being made to most of the facilities at The Federal Hotel, they have not forgotten to revamp their menu for the Revolving Bintang Hotel as well. And in this blog post, I'll be sharing with you a very recent 360 dining experience at the Bintang Revolving Restaurant. The Bintang Revolving tower is the first revolving restaurant in Malaysia located on the 18th floor of the hotel. With an amazing view that changes while you enjoy your meal, there is no doubt that the view will be jaw-dropping worthy. Popular especially on Valentines Day, and New Year's Eve, its time to get down with the menu that would get you drooling for more. Scroll away to find out what they have.


Avocado Crab Meat Salad - RM30
As appetizers, I had the Avocado Crab Meat Salad which was to die for. I'm a fan of salad and I must say that it's very rare to find a salad that is served with real crab meat! The whole combination of how the salad was prepared was absolutely delicious and I wouldn't mind ordering another plate of it. Hehe. The salad was crispy, and somehow the avocado and crab meat made a really good combo of giving more flavors and freshness in every bite. YUMS!

Provencal Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup - RM28
With my appetite all built up, I then a bowl of soup came to my table, specifically the Provencal Creamy Lobster Bisque Soup. For this bowl, I was told that its made out of local lobsters and prawn, seasoned with prawn broth which made it taste like it came out fresh from the sea. I wouldn't say that the soup tasted like lobsters, but there was definitely a hint of lobsters and prawns combined in every spoon I swallowed. No doubt, delicious!


Bintang Revolving Chicken Maryland - RM45
If you're looking for meat and poultry, then this section is especially for you. They have two new mains that serve meat, the Bintang Revolving Chicken Maryland and the Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb. I had a bite of the Bintang Revolving Chicken Maryland, and I was actually surprised that it was served with banana fritters, grilled pineapple rings with grilled tomato. An unusual combination but with all that combination being consumed together, it really created a tangy sweet and sour taste when everything is dancing in your mouth. I'm not too big of a fan for this dish (only because I like my chicken to be grilled), but its still something very different!

Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb - RM65
The Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb, on the other hand, was the show stealer of the night. The lamb was seasoned with rosemary spices served with black pepper sauce and baked vegetables on the side. The lamb that I had here was perfectly made to be medium rare and I must say that the chef knows what he's doing when preparing this dish. It was thick and juicy in every slice and the lamb just melts in your mouth with flavors if it's seasoning. Just talking about it is making me drooling again. haha. Looks like its time for another visit to The Federal Hotel for me!


Salmon Fillet on Barley Seeds with Baby Spinach - RM68
Fish lovers would love the Salmon Fillet on Barley Seeds with Baby Spinach, quickly seared with extra virgin olive oil and coulis de mare. The salmon was nicely cooked and was not too dry as it was seared with the extra virgin oil and secret puree sauce. The portion was good enough that it filled my tummy nicely. So if you love Salmon, you could always consider trying the Salmon Fillet dish while you're here.


Spaghetti with Prawn Creamy Salted Egg - RM45
In the Pasta and Burger section, I got a taste of the Spaghetti with Prawn Creamy Salted Egg and Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe. I'll just share with you that the Spaghetti with Prawn Creamy Salted Egg was a creation of the restaurant itself, which is the reason why its such a unique fusion. To describe this dish, I would have to say that its like aglio olio, where the oil is replaced with creamy salted egg. Love salted egg with a slight tinge of spice? You would definitely love this!

Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe - RM30
The Charcoal Burger concept has been loved by many from all around the world and this time is now available in one of the most historic places in Kuala Lumpur.  The Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe is served with salad and fries on the side, just like how you would enjoy any other burger! With its black charcoal bun, it would definitely wow you with its grilled chicken patty being the highlight of it all. I normally like my burgers juicy, and this was 100% juicy! I would give my compliments to the chef for not preparing the burger too dry.


Doughnut with Single Scoop Ice Cream and Chocolate Toppings
What is a meal without desserts right? So as for desserts, I had the Doughnut with single scoop ice cream and chocolate toppings. Not a fancy dessert that I would recommend, but if you love the classic flavors of a homemade doughnut with ice creams on the sides, I'm sure it would bring you nostalgic feels of the past as you enjoy your dessert with your choice of ice cream flavors.

Chef Faiz, who created these masterpieces!
Bintang Revolving Restaurant caters up to 160 pax for dining and opens nightly from 5pm-12 midnight. So if you're looking to dine with a view, look no further as you can just book a table at The Federal Hotel. Located within the historical landmark along bustling Bukit Bintang, you will be entertained with the nightlife, the shopping malls and to experience the dining paradise of Kuala Lumpur by just enjoying your meal by the window. Hehe. So if you would like to book a table, you can always call 03-21489166 or visit them at for more information.

Bintang Revolving Restaurang
Opening House: 5pm - 12am
Reservations: 03-21489166

Photo Credits: Haziq Zick Photography


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