Thursday, November 9, 2017

[REVIEW] Sonne by Success Theraputic | Home Sauna

My visit to the Sonne Sauna Treatment
Hi everyone! I was given the privileged to experience the Sonne Sauna recently, and i must say that the experience was awesome! Going for Sauna's has always been known as the traditional method to reduce weight while improving skin complexion by improving blood circulation throughout the body, but if you've been into a sauna yourself, im sure you would find it slightly uncomfortable to inhale humid air. But if youre walking into a Sonne Sauna, i can gurantee that it would be unlike any sauna you've been to before. Sonne is introduced by Success Theraputic to bring you joy to your sauna sessions and in this post, i'll be reviewing my experience and the benefits of using the Sonne Home Sauna. So scroll away to find out more!


Loving the minimalist interior.
Not to also forget that the aroma of the whole sauna smells like Cedar wood. (very relaxing) 
Before i go any further, let me share with you a a little introduction on Sonne Sauna. Sonne is a Far Infrared Sauna which was introduced to Malaysia in 2011 and it has grown rapidly to be trusted by clinical professionals and sauna lovers up till today. The Sonne Sauna assures that youre experience is gentle and soothing with warm radiant heat (minus out the humid air/steam). It has been said that after a treatment in a Sonne Sauna, it duplicates the healthy frequency of our own cells, in which the water in the cells would react in a process called 'resonant absorption'. This would generally help in facilitating the metabolism of cell's while improving the uptake of nutrients and excretion of residues from cells in human tissues. Need i say more?


The ion releaser
The setting functions
Close up look on the details
What makes Sonne different than your usual traditional sauna would be because it transmits gentle FIR radiant heat that makes you sweat 2-3x more than traditional sauna's. Unlike your traditional sauna, it also plays soft music while the FIR sauna promotes cardiovascular health to complement your healthy diet and exercise regiments that perfectly fits into your weight reduction program and to some, to also improve skin texture. The power consumption is lower and it has been structures to be movable to fit into any room without any plumbing required.


After 30 minutes, it felt as if i did a 30 minute run
And surprisingly, after the treatment, my sweat didnt even feel sticky
The benefits of Sonne would be that it promotes cardiovascular health to complement your diet and exercise while the sauna detox and cleanses your body. It also relax and rejuvenates to those who needs a moment to destress from reality. Moreover, it also smoothens and makes your skin glow by increasing your collagen and elastin. A personal favourite benefit i like is that it reduces the muscle pain after workout and that it somehow has an outcome of making you look and feel younger. To some, this may sound a little skeptical, but trust me when i say that is really detoxes toxins and waste from the body through sweat.


The results of before and after *indeed jaw dropping
Can you see the sweat?
Been given the opportunity to go for a Sonne treatment, i must say that i reluctant to believe that this sauna would be any different, but i thats where i realised that i was wrong. Before taking the 30 minute treatment, i actually did a body analysis which had accurate measurements my whole body index, and after the session, i actually see improvements to my weight, muscles and even metabolism (Refer to image above) ! Also, what i was actually amazed about, was when my sweat dried up, there are no traces of any sticky feeling on my skin (literally baby smooth skin). If you think im exaggerating, im telling you im not. You have to go for a trial, and you'll know what im talking about.


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  3. OMG! The giveaway is totally worth it. Reading your review makes me feels like wanted to go sauna tomorrow.

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