Thursday, November 30, 2017

[REVIEW] NUTOX Renewing Treatment | Skincare Empties Malaysia

Here's my November 2017 Nutox Skincare Empties
Hi guys, it has been a while since I've last done a skincare review and this time I'm featuring the newly launched NUTOX Renewing Treatment. I have been using this for over a month now and the results are amazing (i can bet on it!). If you're here to find out on a NUTOX Renewing Treatment Review to find out about the results, then you have come to the right place. Scroll away to find out more!

The NUTOX Renewing Treatment Range
The NUTOX Renewing Treatment was recently launched somewhere in mid-2017, and I finally gave it a chance to test out on how effective it is. The range comes in 3 products namely, the Renewing Treatment Lotion, The Renewing Treatment Essence and the Renewing Treatment Cream each having its own purpose to basically renew your skin. The best part of all is that its perfect for all skin types! Which pretty much means you can never go wrong with these babies. So here's the breakdown.

Renewing Treatment Lotion

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Lotion
The Renewing Treatment Lotion basically comes in a bottle of 150ml with the purpose to Renew your Skin. The lotion has been developed with LumiNes to buff and lift away dead cells and impurities from the face, for a glowy complexion. It claims to give a new life to your skin by renewing your skin almost effortlessly. This retails at RM59.90

I like to apply my toner on a cotton pad cause im messy when its hands on (true story)
Pour an adequate amount of lotion onto a cotton pad or to the palm of your hands, then gently pat your skin until the lotion is roughly absorbed. To be applied twice daily after cleansing. I must admit that I love its lightweight formulation that's unlike your average toner. Surprisingly this toner was moisturizing and it really refreshes the skin each time after application. Great to closed up those stubborn pores!

Renewing Treatment Essence

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Essence
After the toner, next would be the Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence. The Essence comes in a cute 30ml pump glass bottle (so fancy) for easy control of essence. It functions to Restore the skin by deeply moisturizing the skin while repairing the texture of the skin. It also claims to make your skin look more beautiful and radiates a youthful glow. This retails at RM79.90 per bottle.

I like to apply it in a 5 point method
The essence is to be used after applying the Renewing Treatment Lotion. I usually would use a peasized amount of essence and massage an adequate amount onto my face until the essence penetrates completely. Its also best to apply this once a day and once at night on a cleansed face and neck before moisturizing. Despite it being an essence, I must say that I love how well the formulation is absorbed by my skin without leaving any sticky residue. Shocked and surprised, but I have to say after about 2 weeks of using this, my skin looks like its glowing.

Renewing Treatment Cream

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Cream
The last step after essence would be to apply the Renewing Treatment Cream. The cream is to radiate the skin so that you can maintain the glow that you already have. The NUTOX Renewing Treatment Cream is formulated with LumiNes to smoothen the skin while providing nourishment deep within the skin to keep your skin radiant for a long time. It comes in a glass jar with 30ml of radiating cream. This retails at RM49.90.

To be applied evenly onto face.
This being the last step of my skincare routine, I personally like to use a spatula so that I don't spoil the product by contaminating the content. Apply a generous amount onto face and massage gently. I like to apply this to my face and neck and occasionally, when my skin is extremely dry, I like to also use this as a night mask for extra moisturizing. To be honest, you might think I'm overreacting, but really, this has to be one of the best cream I've tried!

After 1 month

Before and after results after 1 month
Here's a comparison of a before and after shot of the results. I have been out in the sun a lot as my job requires me to constantly visit an island where the sun rays are way stronger than the ones in the city, thus I had hopes that with the Nutox Renewing Treatment range would help me get my 'glow' back. And from the looks of it, I must say that I'm satisfied with the results. Like for reals, can you even see the difference? This photo was not at all edited, and I see that my acne was almost gone, pores seem to be minimised, and most importantly, it evens out my skin tone!


Here's proof of my empties!
As a verdict, after using the whole skincare set for about a month on my combination skin type, I would have to say it works like a charm on me. If you're looking to find a way to renewing your skin from all the madness your skin had to go through, I would definitely suggest you to try the Nutox Renewing Treatment range to renew your skin with a simple skincare regime. What can I say? I love the whole set! Minimal skincare with easy steps, its 100% idiot proof even for skincare beginners.

Disclaimer: Wearing only lipgloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner ONLY
For more information on Nutox, you can always head on over to their social sites below to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. Also, if you're thinking of where to get this, you can get this from Watsons or Guardian in Malaysia. That's about it. if you have anything to ask, shoot me a comment by leaving a comment in the box below. I hope you found this post informative and I look forward hearing from you if you decided to try this renewing skin regime out! xx

NUTOX Malaysia


  1. Do you use Nutox cleanser as well, before the treatment range ?

    1. I use my normal cleaners from Mamonde. So as long as you use what suits your skin, the product should react fine on your skin :)

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