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Dining in Kuala Lumpur | Presenting Wow KL!
Introducing Kuala Lumpur's Newest Experience that would be a must place a visit for tourist from all around the world, including Malaysians! Here at MATIC, the Malaysian Tourism Centre is one of the convenient tourist centers if you're in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Here lies the famous bistro is formerly known as Saloma Bistro, but now has been upgraded to be the Arts Restaurant and Sports Bistro as it has been taken over by a new management, WOW KL! Wowing tourist as a must-visit destination, if you're looking for a dinner or an informative place to chill in Kuala Lumpur with a cultural show, scroll away to find out.

What is WOW KL!? 
You might be wondering what WOW KL is all about? WOW is a paraphrase of Wau, which in the Malay language, is a euphemism for a kite synonymous with Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is recognized by the travel-orientated media as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world, and now has an icon in WOW KL! that apparently has the most-visited destination in Malaysia that is loved by many travelers from all around the world. Thus, all you need to do is to prepare yourself to be entertained by what WOW KL! has to offer.

Sports Bistro Weekend gigs
An infamous Saloma bistro lies in within the gates of MATIC, is now known as the Sports Bistro where you can chill out and relax as you enjoy watching sports all-day in an open breezy lounge complete with a long bar, giant screen and live music. I was told that they have live music being played every night, performed by different bands daily making it the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy the night with some great music.

The Arts Restaurant Hall
The highlight of it all I would say has to be the Arts Restaurant. What makes this Arts Restaurant special would its because they provide you dinner with a cultural show. If you're a frequent traveler, you would know that its a must to visit a cultural show no matter what country you're in, and in Kuala Lumpur, WOW KL! has got that covered for you. At the restaurant, they'll serve you a wide array of variety featuring a buffet spread of Malaysian & International Cuisines.

Cold Cuts as appetisers
Fresh 'Roti Canai' dough
One of the few salads served 
Cakoi being made right before your eyes, a.k.a Chinese Fried Churros
From appetizers to desserts, you will definitely be filled with delicious food and whats even better would be that you'll be able to see some of your food being prepared right before your eyes. For appetizers, they serve a wide selection of salad, cold meat and fermented fruits (also known as 'jeruk' in Malaysia). You'll also get the chance to enjoy a juicy roll of Kebab, meat being slowly roasted over a rotating spit. They also have 'cakoi', some kind of Chinese fried churros, that will be fried fresh for you to enjoy. Hehe.

Roasted Lamb, my favourite!
Chinese Pau 
Chicken Stew
Kebab Rolls
Going towards the mains, you can start off with mushroom soup as a starter then move towards having spaghetti, roasted lamb, fried chicken, beef rendang just to name a few. But if you're reading this to find out what is worth it, I would have to say that the lamb steals the show! Also, not to forget that their array of local dishes as well to 'wow' your taste buds. Hehe. Having dinner at Arts Restaurant really gives you the opportunity to get a preview of the flavors of Malaysia.

Freshlly cut dragon fruit
One of the many few delicious cakes being served at the Arts Restaurant
And those with sweet tooths, you can look forward to their dessert section where they'll have at least 4 types of fruits being served, local pastries and desserts, cakes, ice cream and even the classical Malaysian dessert, 'ais kacang ABC', an ice shaved dessert served with corn, jelly, sweet syrup and more. I really loved their selection of small pastries that I myself find it hard to find in Malaysia.  A great way for you to explore the sweet delicacies that Malaysia has to offer.

Ethnic Cultural performances.
Malay cultural wedding traditions being presented on stage
Some friendly volunteers who were willing to make their holiday a memorable one!!
Once we finished dinner at the Arts Restaurant, you can relax, eat and enjoy the culture show, which starts at 8.30pm, filled with multi-ethnic dances, sketches and witness how a traditional Malay wedding is done. They may also request for volunteers at times, so be sure to join in the fun while you're there. Here you will be entertained by the different cultural performances that Malaysia has to offer and not to forget that you'll also be given a chance to take pictures with the performers as well. A chance not to be missed!

Located just right opposite Malaysia's Tourism Centre (MATIC)
Alternatively, you can consider visiting MATIC, to chill out and pop into the Sports Bistro, located just outside the Arts Restaurant. The Sports Bistro is an all-day open lounge that has a long bar, giant screen and if you're there at night, you'd be lucky enough to enjoy live music by different bands each night. If you think the night is still young after the cultural show ends, you can always grab some drinks and make friends as you enjoy the Kuala Lumpur Breeze before heading back. Don't forget to plan your day ahead and enjoy your time in Kuala Lumpur. For more information on WOW KL!, I've listed their social media accounts below. Ttfn xx

WOW KL | Arts Restuarant | Sports Bistro

139 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Enquiries and Reservation : +603-2161 0122


Introduction Price
RM110 nett /Adult & RM70 nett/child (6 to 12 years) 

April 2018 onwards
Non Malaysian : RM130 nett/Adults & RM95 nett/Child (6 - 12 years) 
Malaysian: RM115 nett/Adults & RM80 nett/Child (6 - 12 years)

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