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[REVIEW] The Great British Circus | IOI Mall Puchong | 10th Nov 2017 - 1st Jan 2017

The Great British Circus at IOI Mall Puchong
You've heard it! The Great British Circus is back with a new season in 2017, this time in Puchong. Earlier this year they have been traveling through Penang, KL and now it's your chance to witness the Great British Circus in Puchong! What to expect at a circus? Well, you can expect tons of excitement and entertaining acts that would get your heart racing with unbelievable talent being seen right before your eyes. From funny clowns to amazing flying trapeze, the Great British Circus has got it covered for people of all ages.

And now we're here! 
If you're here for a sneak peek of what you would catch at the Great British Circus, then you have come to the right place! It has been a while since I last visited a circus, and trust me, I was super stoked to find out that the circus is coming around my neighborhood. It's also a great chance to get your family and friends together to enjoy some intense human performance circus. So last night, I went with my mum, sister and my partner in crime, and we sure had a fun night to remember! Here's what went on through the night.


Sat at the VIP seats - RM100/adult
If you've seen the poster, you would know that on Tuesday to Thursday, shows are at 8.30pm while Friday to Sunday they'll be 2 show slots, 5.30pm/ 8.30pm to choose from. We decided to sit at the best view by taking the VIP seat and trust me, its as if you're a part of the show cause it's so up close. It started with a starting act to just hype up the excitement, with singing, dancing and some tricks that require a lot of skills. And it got some people's jaw-dropping wondering how they made it possible. hehe.

The main clown during the show
Mr Clown interacting with the audience
A volunteer from the audience.
I hope you're not afraid of clowns, cause in each gap after each performance, there will be a clown who will be ever ready to keep you distracted while they prepare the props for the next act. Since I was sitting at the VIP seats, I have to say that the chances of you getting involved with the show would be very high as occasionally they may need 'volunteers' to keep the show running. haha. I found the interaction with the audience was very amusing as most reacted very spontaneously. Don't be afraid if you get called as it would be your chance to be a part of the circus! Cause, why not?

We have pretty ladies dancing to keep you entertained
 A pole dancer showing off her strength on a pole.
The daredevils
Even Spiderman was present!
There will be an interval when you're halfway through the show as the performers may need to rest for about 15 minutes. Don't worry about getting bored as you'll be given the chance to take pictures with Spiderman, Mike, and Sully at only RM10! Not to forget that there will also be popcorn and cotton candy on sale too!! I got myself a huge cotton candy for RM8, and throughout the 2nd interval, I would say that I enjoyed my snack a lot. And not to forget the kids, there will also be face painting available, so get your kids to choose who's their favorite DC hero and within 5 minutes,  they are given a whole new look!

Heres your chance to take a picture with the monster inc.'s cast + spiderman
Popcorn anyone?
The Flying Trapeze act
Not too sure if I can even stand on a tightrope
The ball of death with 4 motorcycles in it
Once the 2nd interval started, I must say that the show got pretty intense as it focused more on extreme tricks that would get your heart racing with excitement. We had flying trapeze, a man walking on a tightrope, acrobatics and a very dangerous finale act that I don't think anyone with a straight mind would do. Haha. But all good, I guess the performers are very skillful and talented for actually survive doing all these tricks that you don't get to see on a normal day when the circus isn't in town. *wink


My company for the night at the Great British Circus
A 2-hour show has ended
Is it worth it? If you have nothing to do or if you're having a bad day, this is definitely a solution! After all, laughter is one of the best medicine. If you're looking for some ways to spend the evening with your friends or family, the circus has got you covered with entertainment! I must say that I saw things that I have never seen in person before, and it kinda amazed me in a way that I didn't think that some things are possible. The ambiance was also pretty cool, and it was not at all hot as it was well ventilated with big fans to keep you cool. My company enjoyed the whole show and I'm sure your family and friends would enjoy it too!


We got lucky to get a photo with the whole cast!
So you've heard about it, read about it, and now its time to see it for yourself! Book your tickets via Whatsapp by contacting 016-924 8568 or 014-283 2194. Alternatively, for more information, you can always head on over to their Official Facebook Page to see more sneak peaks on the show. hehe. It would be a great way to enjoy some quality family time and also to witness the circus experience at IOI Mall Puchong.

When: 10th November - 1st January 2018
Time: Tue-Thurs (8.30pm) || Fri-Sun (5.30pm, 8.30pm)
Where: IOI Mall Puchong - Parking Lot
Official Facebook Page: Great British Circus Malaysia


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  2. never been to circus before. this looks fun!

  3. It's near my house! i pass it everyday hahaa.. good to know a little bit about whats happening inside!