Saturday, November 18, 2017

[LAUNCH] OUD Essentials Skincare | Luxurious Oud Skincare

Introducing Oud Essentials
We all know that OUD has been used for ages, and this time, I'm not talking about Oud as a fragrance.   Believe it or not, this has to be by far the most luxurious skincare I've ever heard of as its made from 100% pure, Oud. Yes, Oud being the main ingredient, can you just imagine a material that predates recorded history and which has improved the lives of countless generations for thousands of years, being used within skincare? Introducing Oud Essentials, put together by real people for real people.

We had a fun activiry during the launch to test out the elasticity of our skin through a selfie
The range guarantees to be the most innovative products in today's market, complemented by the very best that science and technology have to offer with demonstrable results in improving all skin conditions. OudActive+ is a super-refined and 100% pure, natural ingredient that takes even the mystical substance that is Oud to a different level. Purely extracted from nature's most prized ingredients, listed below would be the products which have been launched by OUD Essentials. 

OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil

OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil
The OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil is a subtle combination of water-based ingredients working in conjunction with an oil-based formulation to produce the best of both worlds, a smooth and penetrative oil that is easy to apply and extremely effective. Designed to be used with the OUD Essential Regenerating Serum by sealing the benefits into the skin, but also works extremely well on its own.

I tested the texture, and I approve on its effectiveness
I managed to test the product out, and trust me when I say that the formulation of it is simply amazing. The OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil is perfectly balanced and formulated to provide the right amount of moisture to keep your skin constantly hydrated, and is effective in rejuvenating and repairing skin. Tried and tested, and my thoughts on this are overwhelming. The stereotype of oil-based products do not apply to the OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil as in merely a minute, my skin absorbed the product almost instantly

OUD Essentials Regenerating Serum

OUD Essentials Regenerating Serum
The OUD Essentials Regenerating Serum is followed by the OUD Essentials Dual-Phase Oil. With quick absorption by the skin, it stimulates the optimal functions of the cells immediately once applied. Designed for the entire face, enveloping the skin and instantly smoothening visible surface wrinkles and imperfections. The main active ingredient features Hyaluronic Acid, Prolevis LQ, Argireline Solution C, and OUD Active +.

Water-based gel-like texture
With these active ingredients, it helps to improve the luminosity of the complexion and increases skin elasticity. It also compliments the process of hydration and to prevents wrinkles. The OUD Essentials Regenerating Serum revitalizes, restructures, smoothens and regenerates, making it the ultimate fitness programme for your skin. Where can you get all those benefits in just one bottle? The texture is extremely light leaving no residue on the skin, except for a cool refreshing feeling of well-moisturized skin. 

OUD Essential Eye Serum

OUD Essential Eye Serum
The OUD Essential Eye Serum would be the ultimate solution to minimise wrinkles, fine lines puffiness and dark circles while encouraging the replacement of elastin and collagen to keep the skin firm. With the perfect combination of technology and nature working hand in hand, the OUD Essential Eye Serum has been designed to lift and tighten the skin around the eyes featuring 9 exclusively active ingredients for easy absorption and for continuous long-lasting results.

Has a very like texture similar to the OUD Essential Regenerating Serum
The texture is very much similar to the Regenerating Serum, but once applied around the eyes, I must say that it feels very cooling and refreshing. During the launch, we even had a live demonstration on how well this product works, and trust me, the results were remarkable despite it being applied right before our eyes. There are no tricks happening here with OUD Essentials, as I believe that the quality of the products is guaranteed to be above expectations

OUD Blanc Lightening Cream 

OUD Blanc Lightening Cream
The best time to use the OUD Blanc Lightening Cream would be during the night. The OUD Blanc is a soft, smooth, milky cream that melts into the skin that gives your skin a silky 'after feel'. Infused with precious 100% pure, organic OUD oil, the OUD Blanc Lightening Cream has a delightful aroma and promises visibly brighter, younger-looking luminous skin within 28 days.

Very light creamy texture
Upon testing the product, I must say that it looks like any other cream, but doesn't feel like your everyday moisturizing cream. With its state-of-the-art lightening actives and peptides, its effectiveness in addressing scar marks brightens overall skin tone and smoothens the skin texture almost effortlessly. It also minimises the appearance of pores, which to me is a major plus point.

OUD Bijoux & Pure OUD Oil

The OUD Bijoux Bracelet
They even come with charms as well!!
Other featured items by OUD Essentials would be the OUD Bijoux and the Pure OUD Oil. The OUD Bijoux is more of an accessory believed to rejuvenate and heal by taking away negative energy and detoxifying the body.  The bracelets are unique and hand-crafted from the agarwood trees on plantations in Southeast Asia. The therapeutic qualities of an OUD Essentials bracelets are that its, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation. When you put an OUD Essential bracelet on your wrist, you instantly become a part of history.

The exclusive Pure OUD oil
The Pure OUD oil is the ultimate and purest expression of the distilled heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, OUD Essentials Pure OUD Oil is bottled perfection. OUD is an integral part of every exquisite item in the OUD Essentials range of products, with an extensive range of benefits and properties. Oud is one of the most valuable natural ingredients on earth and has been an essential part of lives of billions for its luscious aroma and well-being properties. Available in 3ml and 12ml vials, created for those who appreciate the treasures that nature has to offer. 

Overall Thoughts? 

What do i have to say about OUD Essentials Skincare?
My thoughts on the OUD Essentials Skincare range is simply mesmerizing. Being a fan of all things natural, the OUD Essentials Skincare range is the ideal skincare that I believe will revolutionize the world of skincare. No other brand can claim the inclusion of 100% pure, organic, sustainably sourced OUD in their products. With principles that include sustainability and environmental awareness, they are setting the world straight with what that has been forgotten.  Would I personally purchase the skincare range for myself? That's a definite yes! I believe in the skincare and this would most likely be my next skincare range. The price range may be slightly on the higher end, but if it's effective, at least I know that for the amount I'm paying for, I'm seeing results. *wink

The Real OUD Company


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    1. Never heard about this product before. But I believe serum is good for skin and anti-aging purposes

  7. I have not heard of OUD before. Where have I been? Seriously need to try this on my poor skin. It looks so luxurious lah.

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