Saturday, December 1, 2018

MAHA Agriculture Attractions | MADA

It was an exciting weekend for me as i explored what the locals favourite, the MAHA expo had to offer over the weekend. Its still not to late to checkout the MAHA expo yourself as it offers agricultural products by local agricultural entrepreneurs! This was my first time being present at such an event, and honestly speaking i really enjoyed myself (minus the crowd of course). So if you hate the crowd too, be sure to make you plans ahead and be early to enjoy a breezy morning at MAHA expo 2018.

Today i'll be focusing on agriculture which travelled all the way from Kedah to present 'Pulau Pisang' which happens to be a village located in the Kubang Pasu district in Kedah Darul Aman. Whats even better was that i got to see a glimps of the 'Kampung Pisang' surrounding as the MAHA expo presented an exclusive setting of the village in the expo itself. The Kampung Pulau Pisang is famous for its authentic malay architecture, unique to Kedah, offering a beautiful paddy field landscape when you consider taking their homestay packages. Other than that, you may also consider joining and experiencing how to harvest the paddy fields into rice.

The minute i walked into the proclaimed 'Pulau Pisang', i noticed a crowd rushing over to Ulu Sendaka which happens to be a local favourite stall in Kedah itself for savoury classic delights. I managed to try two local nostalgic dishes and it was so good! Something i've never tried before but im glad i managed to get a taste of Kedah. At the booth, you may also find yourself exploring agroart and DIY activities for visitors of the expo to experience the Kedah lifestyle.

Not to forget there was also a health and beauty section that focuses on beauty in a traditionally Malay style, under the Wakah Mahsuri where they offered a variety of beauty products that are natrually made with natural ingredients such as rice, honey, propolis, herbs and jewel of borneo. Theres testers so dont be shy to try the testers for a hands on feel.

While youre there, dont forget to hop on a buggy and make your way to the actually paddy fields in MAEPS. The paddy field is super green while i was there, with actual scarecrows and a museum for you to personally explore on how we have benefited from the paddy fields, elaborating on how the industry grew to further educate visitors on Paddy Fields. In this section, you will also be able to see how rice grains are processed with the actual machinery and if youre in luck, you might be able to bring some rice grains back home too! 

So what are you waiting for? Dont forget to make your way this weekend! The MAHA 2018 will be running till 2nd December 2018. More deets by heading to their official facebook page. 

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