Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Honest Review on Mary Kay Timewise Skincare Range

Presenting the Mary Kay Timewise Range
Hey guys! I apologize for being MIA lately and honestly speaking, I've been pretty stressed out juggling work, commitments and planning out a wedding. Yes guys, im getting married! But anyways, with that in mind, I decided to switch up my regular skincare routine and tried out the Mary Kay Timewise skincare range for a change. I've seen a lot of good reviews on this particular range, and couldn't resist but to try this out with the date of the wedding getting super near. Thus, in today's blog post, I'll be sharing with you a review on the Mary Kay Timewise Skincare Range after using it for about a month now.

So, getting into details, the range features 5 products to complete the range which includes, a cleanser, toner, eye cream, day cream sunscreen, and night cream. I love the idea that the range is pretty much minimal targeting on what is necessary cause I honestly can't go for the K-beauty 12 step skincare regime as it takes too much of my time. LOL. So, now you know what the products are, let's get into the details of each product, and I promise I'll try to keep it short and sweet for you guys to easily understand thoughts on the products.


Age Minimizer 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser
Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin, Dermatologist tested, frangrance free and non comedogenic
Starting off with the cleanser, it states to be suitable for normal to dry skin that claims to multitask on your skin's needs. Now, this was a concern for me in the beginning as I actually have combination oily skin, but surprisingly, my skin loved it! The cleanser is unlike your common cleanser as it doesn't foam up as much, but as I wash my face daily with this, I realize that it does not only cleanse but also lightly exfoliates to remove impurities from the skin. In terms of results, I'd have to say that I started to see that my skin condition improved (especially my breakout scars), giving me a well-balanced skin condition.

Tecture: creamy with orange micro beads

Not as foamy, but imagine sleansing with the slightest exfoliation
In terms of texture, again I highlight that it doesnt foam up as much, but it definitely had a unique creamy sticky texture that lightly glides onto the surface the skin, gently cleansing the skin without drying up my skin. After cleansing, skin actually feels clean and what I liked about it was that it did not tighten my skin like some cleansers would. Despite giving my skin a good cleanse, it still felt well moisturized and had an after cleansing glow.


Timewise Moisturising Renewing Softener
I like to apply my toners on a cotton pad before application
Just spread it around your face like so
The Timewise Moisturising Renewing Softener is somewhat like a toner to me, but instead of drying out on the skin, I noticed that it softens the skin after cleansing. This is suitable for Dry to Oily Skin, including sensitive skin, and is recommended to be used after cleansing. My impression on this was that it's very gentle on the skin, and it leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth. Like any toner, the texture for this is watery, but what makes this stands out from the rest would be that after application, it feels as if your skin has already been applied toner and moisturizer. The best feeling in the world! I'll leave this here for you to think about it.


Age Minimizer 3D Eye Cream
Ophthamologist and dematologist tested, and non comedogenic
Has a tiny outlet for easy direct application
I like to use my ring finger to gently spread out the cream around the eyes
Of course, when it comes to aging, you start worrying when you see the area around your eyes showing wrinkles. The Age Minimizer 3D Eye Cream does not only prevent wrinkles but also minimizes your current wrinkles if that is your concern. I haven't been sleeping property the past few weeks and surprisingly, with this baby, I have not experienced any dark circles around my eyes which I believe that the eye cream does what its suppose to do. Upon application, you'd realize that its creamy in texture and as you apply it around your under eye area, it immediately moisturizes your eye area effortlessly preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming.


Age Minimizer 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
Dermatologist tested, oil and fragrance free and non-comedogenic
Texture: Creamy with a tone up kind of texture
The good thing is idoesn'tnt leave white patches after you evenly spread it out
Next would be the Age Minimizer 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. As we all know, sunscreen is one of the most important things in the world if you'd like to prevent wrinkles to invade your face. I never really enjoyed the regular sunscreen unless its water based, but this has to be the only exception as I actually love the feel of it on my skin after application. Its lightweight, and it doesn't leave white patches on your skin. What makes it even better is that other than protecting your skin from UV rays, it also reduces visible signs of aging and moisturizes your skin too! Major love! Since it leaves your skin in a mattified setting, its great to apply makeup after applying this sunscreen on your skin. What more can you ask for?


Age Minimizer 3D Night Cream
Texture: Very rich and creamy
I use this at night on a regular basis, and I love waking up to my skin each morning
And as my night regime, instead of applying sunscreen, I'll switch it to the Age Minimizer 3D Night Cream. This particular night cream is pretty moisturizing and it may feel a little heavy on the skin, but the good side of it is that you'll wake up every morning with your skin looking like its glowing. I noticed that with this, it really speeds up the age minimizing process making me look 2 years younger. I've been applying this every night for a month now, and trust me when I say that my skin looks and feels so much healthier.


Overall thoughts? Definitely will repurchase!
As a verdict, I honestly didn't think that this skincare range would be suitable as most anti-aging skincare ranges would usually be too moisturizing for my skin. But with Mary Kay timewise Skincare Range is beyond my expectations, and with the results that it gave to my skin, I'd recommend this to anyone who would want to achieve smoother, younger and healthier skin. I'd also like to emphasize that are well tested by dermatologist (and an ophthalmologist, for eye cream), to ensure that its safe to be used on the skin. I have no regrets on switching to this with my big day getting nearer so I can assure you that this skincare is safe and would give you amazing results within 1 month of usage.


  1. Mary Kay ni memang product yang paling bagus walau agak pricey skit kan..akak guna Timewise cleanser dan memang best sangat..satu tube tu bleh tahan dua bulan setengah tau..berbaloi-baloi

  2. Heard a lot about mary kay products. But never tried it yet. If it is suitable to your skin, you should continue using it because very difficult to find a product suitable for our skin.

  3. ciktom guna mary kay tapi starting dengan botanical effect dl..xsabar nak tukar ke timewise pulak..ramai ckp best..tahniah in advance..mesti makin bertambah gojes on your wedding day..

  4. Teringin nak cuba Mary Kay Eye Cream sbb mata ni cam tak bermaya je. Tak pernah lagi cuba produk ni. Pernah dengar lah produk ni. Harap berseri di hari bahagia....

  5. Memang bagus mary kay ni but agak pricey kan huhuhuhu... tp mmg teringin. Dalam proses nak abiskan stok brg kat rmh tu dulu huuhuhu.. kang tak berpakai plak

  6. i paling suka yang night cream sebab dia bantu smoothkan i punya fine lines and naikkan balik pipi yang start sagging.. so far memang the bomb juga this product love love... jimat pula tu satu pea size pun dah cukup :)

  7. Qiss belum pernah cuba produk Mary Kay ni tapi kebanyakan review kawan kawan yang guna cakap range produk ni memang bagus. Nanti Qiss nak try juga. Kalau sesuai dengan kulit boleh cuba.

  8. Tahniah Aliza..berseri seri pulak sis tengok lepas khawin ni, pakai pulak Mary Kay..lagilah naik seri tu.

  9. Mary Kay, definitely a good product. See i laki pun tahu psl produk ni..congratulations! dah nak kawen

  10. mary kay memang antara jenama skincarr yg bagus. in fact, i pun one of mary kay beauty consultant. join jd beauty consultant sebab i memang pakai jenama ni.

  11. Suka juga mk set timewise ni.. Lg2 night cream dan softener dia.. Serius best... Ssuai la utk adanya garis halus kt senyuman tu.. Boleh suggest la utk yg msuk 30 an tuk try

  12. Yes, i memang suka Mary Kay ni --produk dia best tapi dah lama tak pakai. Dulu pakai pun coz dapat sponsored from Mary Kay.

  13. Kak selalu dengar produk mary kay ni..jenama ni dah lama femous, kalau sesuai dgn kulit kak pun nak traylah...

  14. Produk Mary Kay ni Best sebab ramai yang kata dia serasi dengan semua kulit dan ada tengok adik pakai ni.. sangat ketara perubahan kulit dia.. rasa teruja nak mencuba juga..