Monday, December 17, 2018

TAG La Christmas Pack | Unique Present

Introducing to you Tag La | Your trusted tracker
Getting busier as I get older, I noticed that I tend to misplace my stuff all over, especially my house keys and my handphone. Relatable? TELL ME ABOUT IT! So after constantly spending extra time in a day to find the things that I misplaced, I stumbled upon an ad featuring TAG La which apparently is a keychain that helps you locate your important items. While watching the ad, it kinda triggered me that it may come in handy especially when it's a device that you can set up on your phone to detect where your misplaced items are. Too cool to resist, I decided to get one for myself since its Christmas and here's a little review on what I think about TAG La.

The Christmas edition comes with a bomb card too!
So, I got myself the exclusive their Christmas edition which came in a super cute packaging which had tiny bits of paper resembling snow (ready for gifting). For every Christmas edition purchase, you'll get their latest bomb card as a complimentary gift making it extra special. I also like the fact that the designs are different on the front and back side of it giving it a customized character, not to forget that the design included Santa in it adding a personal touch for the festive season.

How it works?

How cute is the santa design on the Tag?
Consider it as a multipurpose keychain which functions as your accessories and also a finder when you misplace it around the office/house. But for a more official explanation, its a Bluetooth tracker that helps to track your important items such as your wallet, phone, keys, you name it! As for me, I decided to attach this to my house keys, cause my house keys tend to go missing especially when im rushing to get my errands done. Thank god for TAG La!

Can you spot the TAG La app?
Time to set it up for the first time!
With a push of a button, its all ready to track your item!
Next is to download the app into your phone and you won't have to worry about your important items to go missing. When you think you left your house keys at work, all you need to do is tap the app or double press it to ring your phone. And once the app detects the location you misplaced it, you won't have to worry about finding your item as TAG La helps to remember for you. Also, not to forget if you attach your TAG La to your phone and your phone goes missing, fret not as your friends and family can help you find it too!

And when your items go misisng, open the app and click 'find me'
How it works is pretty simple. All you need to do is create an account through the app. Once an account has been created, you can start syncing your TAG La to the app by pressing the button on the TAG La for 3 seconds, and it would be automatically to your phone. And that's basically it! Since I attached my TAG La to my keys, all I need to do is to open the app and press 'find it' which will trigger the TAG La to beep until I find my keys. hehe.

Phone Tracking / Track your pet

Just a heads up, if you want the TAG La feature to keep track of your phone, you won't need to attach the tag to your phone as you can just connect the TAG La device through the app will do. I know you may have the same question in mind, can I attach this onto my pet? Currently it's not recommended for moving objects such as kids and pets, but im pretty sure TAG La will be coming up with something as cool in the near future to come. hehe


Price list of TAG La
You must be also wondering what is the price for this? Well considering it a Christmas edition TAG La, it's only at RM199.90 for TWO Christmas Edition TAG La which includes a free colored TAG La of your choice and it also comes with 2 complimentary bomb cards for easy gifting too! Alternatively, if you want just ONE to try out for yourself, it's always available online for single purchase at only RM69.90 only.


Been bringing this around with me for a month now, and it has done justice to me! No more lost keys at home.
As a verdict, I would have to say that the TAG La comes in pretty handy when you're always putting your important things everywhere around the office/house. It gets pretty addictive once you know that it really saves you a lot of time when you're looking for your items. And with that, im planning to get a few more TAG La's just to track my camera, phone, passport all together. Is it worth it? Living in a digital era, I would have to say that I find this worth the money if you would want to keep your mind at ease when your important things go missing. I know I usually find a hard time looking for my passport when im about to travel too, but with TAG La, it saves me my time and energy to look for my things within a few taps through my phone.

Download TAG La: Google Play | App Store 

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  1. Amboi comel la key chain tu. Sekarang ni banyaknya apps kan? Semua di hujung jari ajer. Cute kalau boleh track your pet tu. Alaaa track our phone tu bagus. Sometimes terlupa letak phone or house key kat mana.

  2. Keychain sangat comel ! Actually TAG-La was my new thing la since I rasa macam tak pernah dengar pun. Thanks for info. Nice sharing untuk peminat keychain :)

  3. yeay dah ada new design! i memang pakai tag-la ni sebab senang nak cari kalau kunci letak merata-rata tempat. plus boleh navigate dekat phone. memudahkan kerja!

  4. I have heard about TAG La before. it's quite useful right. I like the Christmas package that comes with cute XMas logo hehe

  5. Akak pun ada TAG la ni..x guna pun mana akak letak erk..bagus TAG La ni at least kalau kita salah letak kan kan terus open apps dan boleh check dari situ

  6. Never heard of this app before but this sounds like a very good app. I need to check on this app! Thanks for sharing.

  7. kenapa keychain pun comel sangat ni ? haish.. memang suruh beli lah tu.. hee~ btw !! thanx untuk info nya.. nanti i terjah dorang punya website..

  8. Wow. .nampak menarik TAG La tuh .Bagus kan boleh trace barang yang kita misplaced. Macam saya kena beli satu untuk diri sendiri sebab selalu lupa mana letak barang. Memang bagus TAG La no direka sebab boleh membantu orang macam saya yang mudah misplaced barang

  9. Senanglah ada TAG La ni. Barang-barang peribadi yang penting elok juga digantung dengan keychain ni. Kalau tersalah letak ke, tertinggal di mana-mana.. senang nak tahu ada di mana barang tu