Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Butterfly Project X Althea Christmas Party 2018

Made it to the Butterfly Project X Althea Christmas Party!
Hey guys, im back at blogging after a long weekend of officially tiying the knot. Hehe. Without a moment to spare before we welcome 2019, i would like to share with you on a meaningful event i attended, a week before my official wedding day. You can pretty much tell how important it is since i took some time off just to be there and mingle around with old/new butterflies from the community. Overall, i had no regrets as i made new friends, catched up with old pals and basically had tons of fun since Althea was the main sponsor of the event. Thank you so much Althea Korea for making our Christmas Party for 2018 a memorable one!

Here's what the photobooth by Tagbooth looks like
Yep, added sticker, and this what the outcome looks like
It was held at a cute cafe called Chubbee Cloud, and it was super convenient for me as the location is just around my neighbourhood in Uptown Damansara. Since its christmas, i could already feel the jolly vibes as i saw the cafe from a distance which i've set my eyes on the photobooth. Whats a party without a photobooth right? Hehe. This was the first time i experienced a new photobooth concept where after they take photos of you, you are able to add stickers to your photo before printing it out. How cool is that? Credits goes to Tagbooth for making the event a spectacular one, where we get to bring memories back to keep and treasure. Hard copies are always the best! Hehe.

And look who made it to the party too, Althea's products! 
My all time favourite skincare range. It works wonders especially the Contour Cleanser
NEW* Hot from the oven, welcoming the concealers to the Althea Family
Upon walking into the cafe, there was a lineup of products that i have to highlight to you which are from Althea Korea by Althea Korea. At the time, i was hoping to snag one of their products home if they allow me, especially the milk peel mask cause it really does wonders to my oily skin type.  If you havent heard, Althea has already launched their own skincare collection and i believe you'd be the first hearing from me that they have a makeup range launching soon in 2019. *SCREAMS* How exciting?! Here is something that is fresh from the oven, which is the Althea concealers and its currently on promotion on the site! Managed to try it out myself during the party, and damn these concealers are pretty convincing. Shop now for exclusive offers on the concealers from the official site.

Our checklist for the day
Mandatory photo with the tub 
Got myself something from the Game Machine
Yay! Won myself the Althea Milk Peel
And whats a party without sweet treats?
Too pretty to touch man, it just looks so magical i can cry
Aww, and how cute are these pastel christmas cookies?
Now during the whole party, we had like a list of things to do in order to redeem our goodiebags. WHAT?! Goodiebags?! Honestly i wasnt expecting to get a goodiebag, but since i knew there was goodiebags up for grabs, i quicky took action to complete the checklist. The checklist required us to share 3 IG shares during the event, we had an exciting game machine to play and of course, to redeem our treats from ChubeeCloud. Being a blogger, of course we all took tons of photos to remember, and from the claw game machine, i managed to score myself the Althea Milk Peel! YAY! Just what i needed. Hehe.

Chubee Cloud Cafe

What we ate during the party : Chicken Kimchi and Boba Toast
The Magical Milkshake
Now, since we got a taste of Chubee Cloud, i opted for their Magical Milkshake with Chicken Kimchi and Boba Toast which tasted pretty good. Since i have a lot to say about their food and drinks, let me give you a short review on what i think of it. Starting off with the Chicken Kimchi, this was something that i loved the most since i love Kimchi. Its spicy but not too spicy, and its actually pretty filling too if youre opting for something light to munch on. The Boba Toast on the other hand was something i've never tried in my life before, but surprisingly the taste and texture of it was pretty interesting. Imagine biting onto a crispy toast as the boba gives you a chewy finish in your mouth. Mmmm. Just talking about it makes me want more! And as for the Magical Milkshake, well, what can i say? It tasted magical! Skip the super sweet milkshake, cause this tasted really light and creamy with a tint of magic. Would definitely come back here for more of this!

The best dressed of the day!
OH not to forget, there was also a best-dressed category where we had familiar faces taking home extra gifts from Althea Korea! YAY! Its so nice to see everyone dressing up for the ocassion and i swear i thought i was already overdressed with anthlers on my head. Hehe. Congratulations to Lia, Ayu Jean and Cindy for being the top 3 best dressed during the event! They all did great, but i think Cindy stole the spotlight with her raindeer look. LOVING all the effort she has put into to create the look. Hehe.

Aww, check this out guys! Thank you Chubee Cloud for this. Believe it or not, its a marshmallow with my face on it
The whole fam bam from The Butterfly Project
All in all, i have to thank Tammy for all the planning and organizing for this. It definitely means a lot to be able to have a get together with other butterflies and its nice to meet new caterpillars turning into butterflies as we speak. To be honest, i had a very sentimental moment to see everyone spreading their wings during the event and it was lovely to see Althea's team joining in the fun. Thank you so much The Butterfly Project for having me, and a huge thank you to Althea Korea for making this all happen for us. Its time for me to head over to Althea Korea to restock on my cosmetic for 2019. <3

Althea Korea 

Tag Booth

Chubee Cloud

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